Friday, November 12, 2010

Chicken Story #1

I have decided that I am going to keep track of all my crazy chicken stories and if you know me there are goofy chicken stories all the time.  I have the egg bound chicken story, the bathing and blow drying … So today I go out there and one of the girls has decide to start laying her eggs on the floor, that is right…the floor…what in the world.  How does a two year old hen suddenly stop laying in the laying box and start laying on the floor in filth? (Just a disclaimer* my coop in not filthy to the outside world, just filthy to me, I am a little OCD on these things.) 

Exhibit A…The wrong way

Exibit B…The right way

So now I have to pick them up off the floor and put them in the nesting boxes.  I put an egg in the box too just to remind them of what those little boxes are for! Because once one of them starts doing something like this, then all the others follow…they are not the smartest creatures on the planet, but they are led by a flock…I could go into a parenting analogy right now about what we can learn from chickens but I won’t…I already had to do that this morning.


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  2. Wow. Those silly chickens! That's a GREAT pic of Cinamon! Great blog mom...

  3. Thanks Honey!! YOU are a great daughter and encourager. Love you!

  4. Chickens do the funniest things. My girls will lay on the floor instead of in their nest box whenever we forget to clean the poop out of their next box from the night before (because they have a bad habit of roosting on the edge of the nest box). They don't want their eggs to get dirty! Ha!

  5. Silly chickens!Glad I found your page I will so be back to see whats going on @the farm.


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