Friday, November 19, 2010

Henny Penny is Molting...

So my big Buff Orpington Henny Penny is starting to molt.  I have noticed some of her feathers on the ground recently but this week there where tons!  Of course, my first reaction is "oh no...  the Tour de Coop is just weeks away and my chicken looks awful!" but now on some reflection, I realize this is a good thing...this is real life in chicken keeping. Chickens molt!  The people coming need to see what really happens when you raise is not just eggs!  My oldest girl Charlotte went through her molt last spring and she looked like she had been sleeping in a dumpster.  It was actually hard to look at her because she looked naked and she is by far my most beautiful girl, but now her new feathers are in and she looks like her old self.  As gorgeous as always!  Here are some pictures on my sweet Henny Penny...

And After:
Right now she is just a shadow of her former glory but in the not to distant future she will be my big beautiful girl again! 

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