Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salsa with Boiled Chilies

My Mother in Law is from Oaxaca, Mexico and this is a recipe she taught me.  She loves to come over and pick fresh items out of our garden and then come inside and prepare something delicious with them.  This is one of those recipes...

First you go out to the garden and pick fresh chilies...

Serrano's, Jalapenos, Anaheim's...the Habaneros are from my neighbor Jason that he brought over the other day.

                                                  Anaheim Chile's in my garden

                                                       Jalapenos in my garden

Now we assemble the ingredients:

Take all the chilies and place them in a sauce pan with water and let them boil for 30 minutes and then sit to cool with the lid still on.

Then strain them in a strain.  They should look like this...a little dull in color.
Then de-vein and de-seed the chilies but make SURE you wear gloves! Seriously!  You will only de-vein and de-seed this many chilies once without gloves and then you will be in so much pain with your fingers burning for HOURS, that you will never do that again.  I know from experience!

these latex gloves come in handy and are a good thing to have around on your urban farm.  You never know when your hen might be egg bound and you need to oil her vent...but that is another story.

Now put all those chilies in a blender with onion, garlic, tomatoes, salt and cilantro and blend away!

And here is the final product...

We like to serve it over fresh egg from our girls.  It is really amazing that it is not hot using all those chilies!  The boiling does something to them, the de-seeding and de-vein help a lot too.  This salsa is so complex with flavor you will never want Pace Picante sauce again.

Here are the details...

Pick a bowl full of chilies
1 whole onion--cut up
3 cloves of garlic
4 Large tomatoes--add more if you don't want as much chili flavor
cilantro to taste
sea salt

If it comes out like "The chef is angry" as my Mother in Law says.  Then just keep adding more tomatoes.  My chili plants are 3 years old and they keep getting spicier and spicier.  I have to do this all the time. A can of roasted tomatoes can always be used in a pinch and I always keep a couple of cans in my pantry.


  1. I love this salsa! It's really yummy!

  2. Yeah, wear gloves! I also learned the hard way from cutting ONE chilly! Then I touched my eyes, my hands ( and eyes) were burning for hours!

  3. This salsa was delicious! Thanks for sharing.


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