Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Ready for The Phoenix Tour de Coops

For the past month we have been working every weekend trying to get this little farm cleaned up and ready for the Phoenix Permaculture Guild's Annual Tour de Coops.  But since Thanksgiving, we have been working like elves around the clock getting years worth of projects done which I LOVE!  Here are some pictures of our progress...  If you want to see the completed project, come by our little urban farm during the Tour de Coops on December 4th from 7:30am to 4:30pm and you can see it in all its glory.  You will also see me beaming with a smile from ear to ear because I know I will be enjoying the fruit of all this work for this entire spring and on top of that, I will spend that whole day talking about chickens, gardening, fruit trees and sustainable design-- all things I love!

Tickets are $10 for two, children under 12 are free and are available on the website or at the starting locations.

Here we are with one awning up and the second one on the way...

Here is my husband painting the patio--the plywood is to keep the chickens off the patio

We are getting closer...both awning up...patio painted

These awning came off my sister in laws new house and she didn't want them...I know...but the wonderful thing is she gave them to me and I have used every single one of them!!  They were made for me!

Finishing planting the annual color that we will enjoy till May--got to love this desert living!

The lawn is mowed--notice the adorable re purposed awning on my kids playhouse--it will be great when the long hot summer hits that slide

 Come join us on Saturday but if you can't make it...I will post some pictures of the finish product!

I have to go now and give Charlotte a bath and blow dry...yes, I am talking about my chicken but I can't discuss it now I have a lot to do before I have to drive the soccer carpool's all very glamorous over here on the farm!


  1. Thank you so much for your great comment - your home looks amazing and I can't wait to see more pics! Is that a spiral staircase I spied? And LOVING the black and white fabric.
    Coveting your weather though.

    Shhhh... I got chickens myself last month but can't blog about it on account of the neighbors... so far the girls (or City Chicks) as we call them are on the low down!


  2. You are so welcome Angela! I think we are kindred spirits...chickens, Driscoll and the love of all things French! I love to read what you write! Caroline

  3. The patio looks fantastic painted red.. great color compliment to the yelo house and BW striped awnings!!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tour today, Caroline! Your coop has inspired me; I can't wait to find our own rescued additions to our little someday urban farm! Looking forward to the homeschool information and thanks for the poms. =)

  5. Here is a big shout out from Texas. I have been visiting from Verde Farms and look out I went wandering ( Love this idea of the tour.We here in Texas...well chickens are apart of everyone's one decorates...I will be changing that up..yes siree!!
    Love the green and red...would you mind sharing the colors or heading me the right direction to which store.The whole color scheme is very calming..yet exciting! It makes me want to just sit and enjoy the outside.Great job!!
    Was the coop a shed that you modified? And the hedge apples you speak of...something only for that area? I know I asked a lot of questions...but I read alot. Good to meet you.
    I will be tagging along for the rest of the ride.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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