Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictures from the Tour de Coops

As are some pictures from the big day!

Here is Linda and Cathy, our faithful Permaculture volunteers, at the entrance to our Little Farm

Here is our little coffee station for the tour goers right after you go thru the gate.

Here is the view from the entrance to the coop.  Notice the irrigation water...see we don't have it all together on the farm!

I am holding Clara, my Buff Orpington pullet, so the children can pet her.

Our irrigation values were leaking because of pressure in the line on the day of the tour, and our girls were eating the bugs that come up from the ground.  On the right hand side is our espalier apple tree hedge.

Just a picture of the back patio where the spiral staircase goes up to our roof deck where we have 180 degree mountain views but you'd never know it with all the trees in our yard.  Our yard looks like the Midwest, where I grew up, it is one of my concessions with my Arizona native husband.  I need trees...big beautiful trees...oh and deciduous too. 

People kept mingling long after the tour was over--That is a sign of a good tour!

Telling chicken tales...

A good day was had by all! 

Thanks for coming by our little urban farm! 
Don't forget to participate in our Tour de Coop giveaway!  I will be drawing the winner Friday!


  1. Hey C! It was great getting to personally greet all 600 people that came to see your coop. There are so many chicken lovers out there.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have to see this in person. SO CUTE!
    Can you help me with something? Did you get your espalier apple trees on line or local? I can't find them anywhere and am content to start with the whips and learn myself. Any direction you can offer me?

    Your property is so cute... like I said before... that black and white puts me over the edge!


  3. Angela,
    I got my espalier apple trees from Dave Wilson Nursery in California...pretty far from Chicago, but they were bareroot!?! Might ship to you. Those awnings are perfect for my little house and can you believe my sister in law didn't want them? They were made for me. :) You can come and visit anytime, my little urban farm is always open to you! Blessing, Caroline

  4. What a beautiful place--doesn't look like the Arizona at all! Everything is so beautiful--love your little wheelbarrow!

  5. Just found you today. I love your little place - my little farmhouse is yellow, but we've got a long way to go before it looks as beautiful as yours! I'll be back to visit!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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