Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreaming of the South of France...

I received this postcard before Christmas and loved it so much I have put it up with my favorite things in my bedroom so I see it everyday and draw inspiration from it.  I looked at the picture today and thought to myself "this picture makes me want to like the color orange." 

Here is what it says on the back:

"Ils sont tous là, reunis sur la terrasse pour un petit déjeuner aux effluves d'orange fraîche, dans la chaleur d'un soleil éclatant. Leurs rires s'accordent à là partition des vagues sur les falaises... instant à revivre à l’ infini."
"It was the kind of moment you  would want to revisit.  Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat.  A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air."

I love things that transport me to another world...and summer in the South of France is definitely another world but it is a dreamy one! I long for its simplicity and beauty!

I am working on the Chevre today and will be posting soon, it is a 3 day process to make this cheese but it is worth it.  I am making it three different ways; plain, rolled in herbes de Provence and rolled in red and green peppercorns.  We will be serving this same goat cheese at our Brunch @ the Coop on February 12th.

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