Friday, January 21, 2011

Ladurée Macarons- The Gift of gifts!

Last night around 9pm there was a knock on our door and there was our dear friend Dave.  He just arrived home from a business trip in Europe and after flying 16+ hours, drops these treat at our house because he did not want them to be stale!

(What a guy!...This is another great point about living in the city...we live 10 minutes from the airport..if we lived in the suburbs, this probably would not have happened.)

 He showed up with a box full of love--Ladurée macarons...just seeing that pink and green packaging can make any girl's heart flutter...

  Then, Dave pays me the highest compliment when he says " If Caroline had a shop, it would look like this one!" And then we talked on and on about the pure other worldliness of my dear Ladurée...the design, the marble, the "perfect" green...which shop he got them was glorious!  In an instant, we were transported back to Paris!

Then, we opened up the box and with childlike anticipation, proceeded to cut them up into quarters so we could try all the flavors.  I saved my favorite, rose petal, for one of the last and then blissfully went to bed in a sugar induced sleep coma that I can only say was dreamy!  There has to be Ladurée macarons in heaven, because they are perfectly divine! are the best friend a girl can have...hugs and kisses to you!  I am thinking of having a few with my coffee this morning, that would be a start of a beautiful day!

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