Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Great Composter

We just added another composter and I really like it.  See around the farm we have to have form and function (I am not only an urban farm, I am an interior designer too) and this one meets both.  It is behind my picket fence back in the chicken yard with my other composter but it is low enough that you do not see it, also it is black, another big plus so it really cooks in the Arizona sun and I got it at Lowe's for $50.  I usually don't like to go to the "big box" stores, we like to buy local but they actually had what I needed.  To compost right you really need multiple containers.  Up until the Tour de Coop I had three but I cleaned up my act for the tour and planted the two steer waterers that I was using for making compost. Having multiple compost containers really helps with the nitrogen/carbon layering balance.  So if anyone is in the market to get a good composter, this one is a winner. If you have any composting questions, feel free to email me and I will try to answer them.  I am going to do a post soon about what exactly you can compost.  So keep your eyes out for it!

$50 composter from Lowe's

Don't forget to buy your Brunch At The Coop tickets,
they have sold amazingly quick and we only have a few left,
 if you want to go you better get em'! 
It is going to be a great time!

This is the Boho Farm coop!

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