Monday, February 28, 2011

A little rain a lot of organization...

After looking at the pictures of my pantry that I took for the wallpaper post last week, I was mortified.  How is it that you can look at something day in and day out and not see it.  But when I saw it photographed I saw it in all its unorganized glory and was shocked it had gotten that bad.  With the rain and my recovery from my daughter's 80's Birthday party, I tackled the project...

Started with Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint

Taped off with blue painters tape a bunch of glass containers and ball jars
that are just sitting around until I start jamming and canning again in May.
(bought a couple of these glass container at Target for $5.00 each)

Painted with chalkboard paint and let them dry for a couple hours.


(Now I have a whole shelf on the bottom that I can use to store more...yippee)

Now everthing has a container and a space...and I was able to make a list of all the pantry items I am out off or low on and I can buy those in bulk at the health food store and put them in my remaining mason jars.  It is more econonical and they will stay fresher in the canning jars.

 I have my chicken meds--Vet RX and colloidal silver, sugar cubes, turbinado sugar and bakers chocolate
all up high to keep my three year old out of them.

I was able to fit a 5lb bag of bulk sel gris in one of the giant ball jars. 
I don't know why I didn't think of this before, it is so much easier to find everything.

Now my pantry is all tidy and organized but my house is a mess! 

Happy Monday!

I am joining up today with Faded Country!


  1. Great idea! We will do that in some of our storing soon.We are buying in large quanities right to the cost of food rising.We could do this on our buckets also.

    Have a great day. Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Hi,
    I love your farmy pantry organization! I like your blog too! I'm your newest follower from the homestead barn hop today... I'm entry # 15.. come see me sometime and meet my girls too!
    Dandelion Wishes,
    Deborah Jean

  3. Your pantry looks great; mine is disgraceful by comparison. Painting on the jars with chalkboard paint is genius!

  4. It's amazing what one can accomplish on "catch up" sort of home front things.....I was a crazy organizer last night with all my goat med shelves....Like minds think alike! Your pantry is beautiful.....

    Also...I didn't know about the homestead's great...

    Can't wait to see your tv spot!

    xoxo lylah

  5. That looks great! It's so much easier to find stuff now.

  6. WOW!!! I have been looking for new ideas for my pantry today and came across your blog through Amy's Barn Hop. My goodness! Loving the chalkboard paint idea - think I'll be heading off to the paint store to buy some today! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!
    Lusi x

  7. Oh my goodness- I love the chalkboard paint idea! Going to try that for sure!
    I really enjoyed your post- organizing my kitchen is (strangely) one of my favorite things to do- there is nothing prettier than whole foods all lined up in glass jars!
    Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop! Hope to see you again next week!

  8. Caroline, I enjoy your blog.I am not really into the chicken thing, but I love seeing the pictures of your home. Please show more! I just signed up as a follower.
    Gayle from Vintage Farmhouse

  9. Bravo Caroline~ this is fabulous!! Now can you fly to Houston and help me with mine??
    Happy Friday to you,

  10. What a great idea. Useful and beautiful to look at too! Hmm, I store leftovers in my canning jars in the fridge so this could help cut down on the mystery jar on the back of the shelf. Just label contents and date when you pop it in the fridge.

  11. This looks awesome...I so need a drying rake like the one you have over the sink.

    Love the idea of the chalk board paint to make the labels on the jars...Very clever

    Blessings Kelsie

  12. Good thing we have rain, and snow where I am, to keep us inside to organize! I love your bottles and I really LOVE the shelf they sit on! I'm visiting from Country Farmgirl & a new follower!

    Jars Galore! :)

  13. Well well you just brought an idea up for my unlabeled jars! Thanks so much for linking up!

  14. I love the labeling idea! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great results! I could do with sorting out my pantry too, its not looking good right now!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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