Friday, February 25, 2011

Today at Boho Farm

Need to finish planting the onion starts

Found a good spot here next to the leeks and garlic. The spot previously held Chantilly carrots. 
but on the way to get the trowel to plant the onion sets, I spy Charlotte nesting in my potting bench.

And lo and behold three eggs...
I was wondering why there were so few eggs this morning in the laying box!

So then I go back to my coop to check everything out... then I spy the old apricot tree blooming and start
thinking of ...

jams, tarts, pies and crumbles

Need to call the feed store and order straw, shavings and feed.

But on my way in I see my espalier apple hedge all leafed out and in bloom.

Start thinking of this here.

 Read the story of Namaan bathing in the dirty, filthy river three times to Boo.
Isn't it funny how they get fixated on one story and want to hear it over and over--I think it appeals to his boyness of wanting to bath in a dirty, stinky river too. 

Now we have to work on getting my sweet Catherine's Birthday party ready for tonight.  We are having a bunch of girls over for a 80's party--that's right 80's--it's a night full of Michael Jackson's Thriller and Madonna's Lucky Star.  Yippee!  I might have to break my own "no over the counter drug" rule and take an Advil.

Just a regular day at our little Bohemian farm.

Wishing you a restful weekend!


  1. Great Post!!! Would love for you to join us a Farm Friend Friday :)-They would love it.

  2. Thank you for the stroll thru your backyard while you look for your trowel...I do like how your mind works...How cute is Charlotte all proud in her lovely new nest.

    I need to get my onions in the ground but can't decide where I want them...well actually I know where I wanted them but I do not think it is sunny enough...they could end up around the rose bushes at this rate hehe.

    Love your blog btw

    Blessings Kelsie

    PS; Happy Bday to Catherine

  3. I can't wait for spring! Hope your daughter's b-day party is fabulous!!!

  4. Catherine looks so grown up... and very beautiful, I might add! Happy birthday to her!

  5. The apricot tree must be amazing! Of all the jams I've made, I enjoyed apricot the most:@)

  6. Now that I’ve had time to re-read this, wanted to say I love the apricot tree--how wonderful and the apple hedge. Charlotte is adorable nesting under your potting bench--that is just too cute.I absolutely love your chicken coop-it’s one of the coolest I’ve seen. I am an 80s girl all the way-I’d be right in there with them dancing to Thriller with my big hair and big cross jewelry :)

  7. What a wonderful cushioned nest box you've given your chickens! LOL Very creative isn't she! Have fun at that 80s party!

  8. oh, i just love charlotte! have a wonderful birthday party for your daughter, sounds so fun...i remember the 80's quite fondly...BIG HAIR!

  9. Your stock tank planters are cool! My husband will look at them tomorrow, and I think ours is going to be planted... what a GREAT idea!
    Your little hen is sweet, they do love to nest in the oddest areas!

  10. So fun! I was born and raised in Phoenix. :) Still miss it at times. Um, not summer times...

  11. Party Update: Thank you all for wishing my daughter a happy 14th B'day. the party was a success and the costumes were HALARIOUS! Two different earrings, big huge gold hoops, black rubber bracelets, gloves with no fingers, pony tail on the side, flashdance sweatshirts and lots of collar up preppies with argyle sweaters, pegged jeans, oh my! What a night! Since then I have been in recovery.xo Caroline

  12. Oh my goodness! I've just come across your blog and it is such a breath of loveliness. :) I'm off to read some more of your posts! Please feel free to stop by Fuzzy Slippers Designs. :)

  13. Found you from the Barn Hop. Love the pantry makeover! I'll be bookmarking your site!

    Old House Kitchen

  14. Oh that Charlotte..... she can be a bit of an idiot sometimes! Thanks for doing a post about me, i love that pic! : D


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