Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fresh French Inspiration

Do you ever need a little inspiration...a respite from the weary world?  I do...after all the prepping of beds,
compost spreading, fruit tree and spring planting, I am exhausted. 
Besides just the wear and tear of everyday life;  being a wife and a mother,
carpool driver, playgroup goer, church picnic thrower. 
This living a simple life is hard work! 

As an artist, I sometimes become like dry ground and the way I water it is through
visual inspiration and that takes me to only one place-The South of France. 
This is my is the spring that a creative sense.
  I not only enjoy the beauty of the terrior but it is also the lifestyle; good wine,
good food, long drawn out meals with friends, working the land, eating the fruit of the land,
 making your own jam, watching a beautiful sunset.  
It is a lifestyle of simple pleasures that are available to all, the poor as well as rich can
enjoy all of these things.  I am going to share some picture of our trip to Grasse
a few years back that really started a paradigm shift in our thinking
of how we want to live as a family; simply, connected to the land and people,
cultivating our own food and living in community.

Côté Maison

Côté Maison

This reminds me of a little Hobbit house... 
My husband and I think the Hobbits had a pretty good life,
 they were happy, not easily angered, constitutions as strong a tree roots
 and they ate seven meals a day.
This is our friends chateau in Grasse that started us on this journey of having chickens,
 gardening for our food, having fruit trees, making our own jam, eating only really fresh bread. 
We were able to share with them their lives and this is how they lived
and it inspired us to live that way too.

A tunnel of roses and grapes...
I am working on this at our little farm and will post about it as soon as the grapes start leafing out!

This is the view of their house from the garden.

That room with the light on was ours...
 that trip to change our prospective on what really is the joie de vivre~the Joy of Life.

Here is my sweet girl at dusk in the lower garden with Tiz and Azor,
she has wanted a German Shepard since that trip.

I need to look back and remember...
( put back together... because this world dis-members ..breaks us apart)
 my vision and purpose is renewed and I am inspired to create again!

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
 and resign yourself to the influence of each." 
Henry David Thoreau

Does anyone else ever feel dry and need of some fresh inspiration and remembering?

Hope the simple life is yours this week!



  1. oh yes, I feel that need all the time. I was remembering today as a matter of fact and I'm very ready for more inspiration. If I was staying at that chateau I know I'd have been inspired right out of my socks!

  2. What a beautiful post *le sigh*
    I have definitely found inspiration from this post! Thanks so much! I need to get my creative juices flowing again, too.

  3. Fabulous post....soothing to the feminine soul. I so enjoyed the little journey to re-member!

    xoxo lylah

  4. Wow..what a Magnificent have captured my heart with these dazzling images! Gorgeous!

  5. Hi Caroline,
    Yes after a day of garden clean up a little inspiration is just what I needed!! My husband would beg to differ, inspiration means new projects, haha:-)
    LOve the rose and grape arbor, I can't wait to see yours!!
    I am your newest follower, and look forward to seeing your garden:-)

  6. Beautiful garden setting. It reminds of our arera of Ca.

  7. Beautiful Post Caroline and inspiring...Such a pretty area.. I feel like I traveled there through your photos and words.
    We artists need to " fill the well " don't we? I despise dry spells even though I should know by now they are the calm before the creative storm ahead!
    Happy Farming!

  8. Thankyou for sharing that Caroline. That was such a nice journey! Just like a peak inside your world, lovely to know where you get alot of your inspiration, and rightly so! jill

  9. Every photo is divine! You're making me yearn for a trip.Take care.


  10. Very beautiful post and lovely writeup!
    You got a great blog!!

    Have a lovely day :)


  11. I can see how being there gave you so much inspiration. You have definitely created your own little piece of France at your home. And yes, I am always "thirsty" and love to be inspired! Beautiful post Caroline!

  12. That is beautiful. I can certainly identify with wanting a simpler life. My life has become more simplified these days.

  13. What beautiful photos! You gave chickens? We are thinking of getting some in our near future ;)

  14. Oh, how my heart wants to be there! I love your photos.

    Thank you for sharing your French Inspiration with us!

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard &
    Counting Your Blessings

  15. How beautiful and dreamy! Can I come with next time! ;)

  16. So Beautiful, SO amzing and breath takeing.. Very Inspirational i must say too.. Great property..
    Love your blog & happy to be a new follower- Great style-design..

  17. Hi. Thanks for your kind comment and adding me to your follow list. What wonderful photos; so romantic. I want to go there :)! Your family, home, and gardens look wonderful. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    ~ Julie

  18. Oh how I would love to live like a Hobbit! Sounds like the Hobbit knows that you have one chance to do it right and so they do!
    Lovely post..

  19. such beautiful photos...the cote de maison...the hobbit house! loved reading your post as well. looking forward to hearing more about the grapes!

  20. I appreciate your heart and the way you've been inspired to live more simply and connected to the people that cross your path day to day!

  21. I loved their house. Those were awesome dogs too!

  22. Oh I so enjoyed my visit here tonight~hope you are having a wonderful evening!

  23. Stunning photos. I would be a dream come true to visit somewhere this beautiful.

  24. I love stumbling on a great new blog...full of inspiration! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  25. Thank you for sharing a drink from your well of inspiration...I too get parch, I think it is the blessing/curse of the creative spirit, we pour and empty ourselves into everything we do...

    Blessings Kelise

  26. Dear Caroline,
    Your home and your gardens are absolutely lovely!
    Your style is picture perfect and I love the colors you have decorated with.
    Your gardens and outdoor spaces are not only functional, they are so well-planned and designed. Hardly what I envision as a farm!
    LOVE it all.
    So glad I finally had time to come by this evening and take a good look.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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