Friday, March 11, 2011

Garden and Raised Beds

I have received so many questions about my post last week, where I showed the new raised bed and so I  am going to talk about raised beds for a little bit...

Raised beds should be no wider than 4 feet.  This way you can reach the middle from both sides.

the way we have made our is to get 3 pieces of 12"x8'x2" untreated pine lumber.  You can use redwood but it will be about 3 times the price and I can't say it is three times better.  All you have to do is cut one of those pieces in half, so you have two 4 foot sections and then you assemble them with screws--do not nail for it will come apart over time. 

Place 3 screws equidistant along the height of the lumber and do that on all four ends.  Then you are ready to fill.  First I put cardboard, newspaper, or paper to be recycled down on the bottom to keep the grass and weeds out of the bed.  Then I just start layering native soil and compost until it's fill it up.  My personal preference is to do a 50/50 mix.  Then you are ready to plant, it is just that easy!

Here is a link to my good friend Jill's blog,
She has a great step by step post on prepping your beds.

We have gotten our new bed filled and planted this week!

Another extra thing you can do to your raised beds is place a 8"x8'x2"
on top and use it as a ledge to sit on. 
This is what we did here for my tomato and pepper bed.

I finished planting all the chilies, tomatoes and basil, too.

Here are our new little garden sign...
we will be selling these at our Farmers/Flea Market on April 2nd
They are also available online.

We also harvest the first round of garlic from our fall planting...which is very exciting...I am trying to plant enough garlic and onions that we will not need to buy it anymore.  I feel we are getting one step closer to eating only out of our yard!

Wishing you a happy week!


  1. Thank you C for sharing!! My hub always likes projects when it has to dobwith cutting wood and he can get his powertools out!!

  2. LOVE the raised beds...Had planned to do my veggies in them this year but instead we are sharing the watermelon rows in our back field, not my first choice but still hopefully should make for a very productive garden.

    Next year raised beds for sure.

    Jealous of that lovely garlic...Keep up the good work.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. I'm going to attempt this soon. I also bought the compost bin you recommended from Lowes. My 13 year old son put it together for me. Easy peasy! Thanks for all of your generous info Caroline!

  4. The raised bed is great I always do a raised bed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. I love your raised beds. I think I should try doing a couple for some of my garden needs. You make it sound easy enough.

  6. I love your garden! Thanks so much for sharing with us what "works" with raised beds. I live on a sloped lot and cannot have a nice garden like that. I might could have one raised bed on the high side of our house, but it faces east.

  7. Caroline,you didn't mention those great wire cages you put over your beds. My husband can't believe we ever got along without those babies! I love the ledges too, great save on the behind!

  8. thanks so much for posting this, i am excited to try to build one! can you reccommend a good store bought soil/mix to fill the beds with...something from lowes or home depot? is this a ridiculous question? LOL...too many years living in the city ;)

  9. I love your raised beds. I really think I could squeeze one in on my property. The ledge was neat also.

  10. I really want some raised beds when we move. They just seem so much easier. And I love the idea of putting layers of newspaper down. Good work on eating out of your own yard.

    Cindy Bee

  11. For those of you who are interested...the wire that goes over my bed is just sheet of construction mesh that keeps the critters, kids, balls, etc. out of the garden. If you want to read more here is a previous post I did on it...

  12. Great post, great looking garden!! Glad you visited my blog so that I could find yours in return!

  13. I love the look of your raised beds. I really enjoy growing fruit and vegetables in our garden too. So yummy to eat straight from the plant!


  14. Love your raised beds! We actually bought ours from a great company:
    They're the perfect size and I love the details.


  15. It's so hard to believe it is so green there and you're planting already. I live in the wrong state for sure :)

  16. Looking good Caroline! We are doing raised beds this year too... all that green makes me envy your warmer temps!
    Love your music!

  17. Caroline~
    I just love~ love~ love your blog!
    I am enjoying your little home on the web this morning with my coffee.
    I really like your pantry jars you painted. I am going to have to do that for for sure.
    We had a hard freeze last night but your raised gardens look beautiful. You are making me want to get my hands into some dirt!
    Mother's Day is our safe planting time~I am so ready.
    I am going to peek around a bit more.
    You have a wonderful day ~
    Carrie ~

  18. These look amazing. I bet everyone will love to see them in april at the farmers market.

  19. Very interesting blog I am now a follower.
    I thought you might enjoy Paradox Principles.
    Watch this great film clip
    God Bless, Bob West
    Pass it on ...

  20. Living on a sand lot we also do raised bed gardening. We started out with one and graduated to four the next year. You'll love it!
    'hugs from afar'

  21. I like your wire cover over your raised beds. This is on my to do list for my beds this year. Hope I get to it!
    Thanks for linking up to the Barn Hop!

  22. I would agree ton the comments, the raised beds look amazing. I want to experience raised beds gardening too. :)

  23. I just found your blog via Pinterest. Oh My! I am so jealous- I love your homey cottage and mini farms. I am amazed your home is in Phoenix. Will be following you for inspiration.

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