Friday, May 6, 2011

What's Growing At The BOHO Farm

The artichokes are blooming...can't wait to roast these babies with some EVO and French sea salt.

First of the season blackberries are ripe on the vine.

All our veggies are planted in the raised beds and we are just waiting for the fruits
of our labor.  On the far right is a new bed that is for heirloom pumpkins.
These are not the pumpkins you get in the grocery store;
they are warty, striped, multi color and squatty pumpkins.
This fall you can come to BOHO Farm and pick your beauties!
They will look like these.

We planted corn on the west side of the bed to protect the eggplants and leeks
from the hot Arizona afternoon sun.  Also, with the construction mesh that we place over top
we can shade our plants at anytime if we see they are stressed.

Boo is so excited about the corn.  I planted it just for him.  It is such a fast grower and
kids just love to see results from what they plant.

The peaches and apricots are slow this year and we lost a bunch of blossoms with
that late frost we had in February.

Our Anna Apples are growing beautifully--they loved
all that freezing weather we had this winter.

Can't wait to make those 4th of July apple pies and crisps!

We finally trellised the espalier apple hedges that we planted a couple years ago

I wanted it to look like grapes, so we have redwood posts that are 4.6 ft tall and
three equidistant wires going across.  They are happy!

We are busy around the farm getting ready for the Edible Arcadia Tour on May 15 from 9am to noon. 
You can get your tickets here.  Hope you can come join us and see what is growing first hand!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Everything looks so healthy and beautiful there!! How I wish I had a green thumb. I try year after year with not much success. ;)
    Happy Mother's day weekend to you Caroline.

  2. Happy farmgirl Friday Caroline!
    Things are looking wondeful at Boho Farm. Spring has sprung here in New England we are enjoying a wonderful warm sunny day... veggie seeds can go in now and raised beds will be constructed this weekend for mothers day! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your delicious post on the hop today!
    Happy back yard farming!

  3. We've had such a gray winter and now a gray spring that I am 'starving' for sunshine and green. Thanks for sharing yours.
    'hugs from afar'

  4. Caroline,
    your garden looks delicious!
    I love the espalier trellised trees.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Pat

  5. Your yard and raised garden beds are beautiful! How fun to be growing the pumpkins! Happy Mother's Day Weekend:@)

  6. Caroline, your garden looks beautiful! and those fruits coming on so nicely are making me quite anxious. We have been harvesting lots of lettuce greens, spinach, kale... and tomatoes are beginning to set little blossoms, but we shall have to wait a bit longer for warmer weather.

    Happy Mother's Day and have a blessed weekend.

  7. I can't get over your little urban farm. It is amazing! How many edibles are you growing now, Caroline?

  8. The artichokes look gorgeous...are they hard to grow?

    Your raised beds are looking wonderfully healthy, I so wish I lived closer so I could come to one of your events, your farm and home are such an inspiration.

    Thank you for stopping by to see my gladies, I am so happy you enjoyed them.

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. Ahh... everthing looks beautiful! You are truly a farm girl! j

  10. everything looks so beautiful! We are still having rain here. Haven't been able to get much planting done.
    I will just have to look at your beautiful pictures!
    Have a great week!

  11. Very inspiring; thank you! I'm about to launch my summer garden in Colorado. How can I get my apple tree to bear fruit -- any advice?! It's been in the ground for two years!

  12. gorgeous!
    wish i had such a potager!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love your photos!
    take care,

  13. Your garden look's amazing! I also like the European way of growing the fruit trees along the fence. Have a wonderful day in the garden......Juian

  14. Things look Beautiful there :)

    Thanks for sharing these shots! Nice Job.

  15. So glad you joined the Tuesday Garden Party- your garden is fabulous and I really enjoyed your "tour." I look forward to seeing some more (esp. since it's SO different from rainy Oregon...)!

    -Jami @ An Oregon Cottage

  16. Oh, I'm having such fun with Pinterest--more than I have with Tumblr! I love your espaliered apple hedges--I would like to do something similar but probably on a smaller scale. Espaliers are pretty common around here, especially for pears.

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