Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peach and Apricot Jam Class

 Last month we had a fabulous jam making class with over 20 ladies joining us from all ages and all stages.
It was so popular it sold out in just a few weeks.  If you missed it don't worry we will be doing it again!

First thing in the morning the peaches and apricots were picked from our farm for the jam that day.

We had two tables of jam makers, one making peach jam using pectin and the other table
making apricot jam, the old fashioned way, with just fruit, lemon and sugar.

pitting the apricots

blanching the peaches to remove the skins

peeling peaches

fresh picked lemons from our trees make the best lemon juice for the jams.

mixing the fruit, sugar and lemon juice

start cooking over medium heat

cooking down a little more

time to skim off the foam

Perfectly cooked jam...doesn't the color look wonderful?

getting ready to place the jam in the sterilized jars

ladling the jam into the jars

cleaning up the rims

pressing the tops down and placing on the rings

our jam caddy ready to go into the water bath to seal the jars.

Waiting for our jam to seal

finished to perfection!

What a wonderful day for ladies of all ages to gather together to remember
the wonder and beauty of jam making.  One of the great home arts!

Thank you to my dear friend Karina of Capturing Delight Photography for these photos.

Joining my Farmgirls today!


  1. What a fun way to spend time with a friend! Taking a canning/jam making class! I must admit, I hate to peel peaches/apricots... it was my "job" growing up when my mom canned box after box of peaches!


  2. What a great idea and a fun day for everyone. Doing something like making jam is a lot more fun with like-minded women. Love it.
    I will take lots of pics for you of the french flea market. I just know you would enjoy it.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - How do you stay so nice and refreshed looking while making jam? I get all hot and sweaty...err...I mean...I glisten a LOT when I do stuff like that.

  3. Loved it... all of it Caroline! thanks for sharing it with the farmgirls today!
    Happy farmin'!

  4. Looks like you all had way too much fun.
    Fabulous pictures!

  5. What a wonderful day y'all had! I wish I could have joined-in on all the fun. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. The jam looks delicious!

    Ricki Jill

  6. One of my favorite things to do - love the beautiful pics.

  7. Looks like a great time! Beautiful jams!

  8. Gorgeous pics, looks like a great day:@)

  9. Great images of good clean fun and delicious looking products! I grew up in an area where peaches were grown and although I did not like them for a while because I had to pick them during the summer, I learned to love them as an adult. Of course I prefer them in a margarita!



  10. Perfectly fantastic! How great would your jam be warm on vanilla ice cream or what a special gift. You are so COOL!

  11. How fun!! I love this- peach and apricot jam sounds divine...

  12. Glad you came to my blog and commented on my old iron garden fence so I could find your fab blog!! I love it, terrific from what I have seen so far..I will be putting you on my sidebar of blogs so I can keep up with your latest Caroline!

  13. Love Peach season! This looks like fun! I have made peach preserves - but not apricots! I don't think they grow well here! The photos are just marvelous -

  14. Oh what a bunch of fun!
    Brings back memories from when my kiddos were little...we used to make jams from peaches.

    Yours looked delicious!

  15. Just like way back when! How wonderful! Great pictures of a fun day!


  16. Caroline, I would love some fresh peach jam right now! This looks like so much fun and your pictures are wonderful.

  17. Doing this in a group makes it look less intimatating. Yum + fun :)

  18. What fun this looks like. I used to make jam, but never with a group of ladies. All I can imagine is the fun you had with your friends and beautiful fresh-picked fruit.

  19. My daughters and I make peach jam, didn't last year but are so going to this year!

    I am so happy to see others bringing back homemaking skills.

    Your blog is delightful!


  20. This post literally made my mouth water!

  21. I just had to take a peek at your other jam class. Do you have to blanch the peaches before peeling the skins?
    Do you have any other tips for a jam newbie?

    Thanks!!! :)

  22. This looks like so much fun. I'm going to make your old fashioned recipe.

    I did want to note though, that your last photo of taking the jars out of the water bath, the person doing that, is holding the jar holder upside down. I don't want to sound nit picky. BUT, the part that is touching the jars, is not made for going into boiling water, and those black things will fall off, or at the very least they do not "grip" the jar well and you could drop and bust a jar and get hurt. The silicone side is the side that is to be used for going into the water and "gripping" the hot jars.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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