Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sidetracked from the Kitchen...

We are back from vacation, my daughter started high school yesterday,
and we still haven't finished our kitchen.

It looks like this...

We are at that middle of the project stage where we should be
working on the kitchen everyday, because we are living in a mess,
still waiting for the new range to ship from the UK,

but choose to do other little (totally unrelated) projects like these
that I can actually finish...

Making a Union Jack flag pillow
(I will do a how-to post soon)

Making a harvest burlap banner
I am thinking maybe if I hang it up fall will come sooner.

Organizing my cupboard

And my favorite is painting stripes on the wall.  That's right...
and it was on of those, let's go to Walgreen's at 9:10pm and get some blue
tape and start this project, like some kinda crazy woman.
I really need some focus--maybe an intervention.

How can I get upset with my clients now, when I do the EXACT
same things as they do.  I now need a designer to come and help me.

Time to get back to the kitchen and tape and mud the new drywall, because
tomorrow morning I plan to start prepping the beds for fall planting.

Am I the only crazy one? :)


  1. Busy, busy Caroline! Your kitchen will be amazing and looking forward to seeing it finish! Love the range you have picked out! Have a nice day!


  2. It is so hard when you start a project and get a major delay (your range hood) to stay focused on it...I do like the look of the white cabinets and love the plate rake.

    Enjoyed the little projects you have done in the meantime...We are going to start work on prepping our fall garden beds this week also...As for focus, I have NONE...which is why I am challenging myself to try and find it by making my bed each morning lol...I dedicated yesterday's post to exactly that.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. I love your blog and I'm adding it to my reader! I grew up in rural Southern Arizona. Now I live in a suburban neighborhood on the edge of town, but my hope is that we'll one day have a thriving garden to go along with the citrus trees we've planted. Not much luck so far, I'm afraid!

  4. When I talk about a new project with my husband, he often asks me, "Do we need to start that yesterday?" So, Walgreens at 9:30 for tape to paint stripes on the wall doesn't seem odd to me. Maybe we both need help!

    I love the way the kitchen is coming together.

  5. Lovin' that Union Jack pillow...and the harvest burlap banner. I swear some days I think Kansas City has become the new Death Valley. Please hurry up, FALL!

    Loving your kitchen!

  6. I like the striped wall! I would get an old dresser and paint it the color of the mirror and lanterns and put it underneath.

  7. Well It all looks like a bit of progress to me. Of course a girl has to do little projects in the middle of big ones...or else you lose your steam and creative mojo... he he he !

    I'd love to be outdoors planning a fall planting session. But somehow that seems so far off!
    Do they talk about the TEXAS drought on the National news? Just wondering... I didn't want to be the only talking about it--- I imagine FALL is going to come around Dec 25 this year... and it's going to be hot as blazes here in October...

    Like I said I'd love to planning a fall garden...now, who sounds crazy?
    ...i think this heat is getting to me, Pat

  8. Will you please show a picture of your black hutch/bookcase in the living room? You've changed it around. I love that piece of furniture and would like to see it better. Thanks!

  9. Busy, busy!

    I love that you do spur of the moment painting projects! Hee hee - I am known in my family for starting things late in the day...


  10. LOL!! You sound a little like me! If it weren't for my husband balancing me with his much more calm, slower to move personality, I'd have 30 projects started and zero finished. Despite it all, we've managed to accomplish quit a lot in the 8.5 years we've lived in our farmhouse. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  11. Awe Caroline~ your not crazy at all~ just got a lot going on. With your daughter starting High school...well, that alone is enough to make one crazy. Starting projects keeps your brain focused on "stuff". Just getting back from vacation.. always makes us run about and do stuff...Running to Walmart after 9pm... well, I hope your Walmart is nicer than ours... REAL weird people hang at our particularly late hours. lol
    As far as you photos of projects and all...BRAVO. Looks like you are productive and talented. I love them all. The kitchen will get done. Besides... you are waiting on the range :) it will come together soon.
    Have a lovely day♥

  12. Caroline, I feel your pain. I redecorated two rooms less than two weeks before my daughter packs for college for the first time.

    I don't know...sometimes I think mothers lose brain cells with the afterbirth.....


    I can't wait to see your finished kitchen. I know it will be stunning like the rest of your house and garden!

    Ricki Jill

  13. It's looking LOVELY!! I can't w2ait to see the end product - I've signed up to follow you!

    And I'm forever starting projects to keep my mind busy at times when things are a bit crazy!


  14. Hi Jacki! You have one observant eye! I did move that hutch and rearrange it. I will do a blog post on that hutch just for you. :)

  15. Totally not crazy!! I've been known to want to start a project at an odd hour of the day (or night!). I once painted my bedroom hours before going to hospital for surgery!

    Love the stripes on that wall and love the Union Jack pillow!

  16. Nope - I'm impatient too - if I start out on a big project that's taking TOO long for me to see the final results, I have to start smaller ones to spur me on to finish the big one because the small ones give me that 'gratification' boost (ahh - so that's what it will feel like when it's FINALLY finished)...

    Having said that, my kitchen needs painting and I've put it off for half a year already... You're doing far better than I am!


  17. I can't wait to see how your kitchen looks! I think its gorgeous now!
    I love those pops of green in your stools. (What color is that?) Looks almost similar to Annie sloan antibes green.


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