Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitchen Update

The range hood was installed this week and I just love the design. (click here to see the inspiration post) 
 Found a metal artist through my good friend Nancy, he just returned from the
Rhode Island School of Design, which is like Mecca for us artists.  
I am so pleased with it..the pleats..the blend of contemporary and traditional...Ryan did a great job! 
Don't you love when you see it in your head and it is even better when you see the idea in real life?

We still need to put up the stainless steel back splash, crown, deal with the lighting and
Ryan is coming back to trim out the bottom of the range hood but I am
finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Which is a really good thing!

The Aga Pro is in and we are now cooking with gas.  We had some issues with install
because when the range finally arrived here in the states, we realized it was on 220 power
(European power-this is why you fry out your hairdryer if you try to plug it in to an outlet there) 
and we are wired for 110.
So we had to have 220 power run to the kitchen.

We still need to finish the floors, counter tops, put in a new window, tile and
get the John Boos butcher block island.
My husband is going to make me some cute shelves for this wall
but until then we are using this little pine one to store our glassware.

Once the kitchen is done and I have a better idea on how things flow,
I will reorganize this pine hutch but for now it works.

I got this cute little cross hook from this great booth called Whimsy at the Kane County
Flea Market in Illinois when we were on our girls trip a few weeks back.
I also met Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale and we shopped at her cute booth too. 
It was so fun talking to is funny about how with blogs you feel as though
you know someone, even though you have never met them in person. 
This is how I am with her- instant friends. 

I have a thing for Match pewter..not the plate or glasses, just all the spoons and accessories.

Here is our little coffee station in the kitchen.  We drink a lot of coffee in our house and it is good coffee.  We aren't gadget people but to us a good investment is a fabulous coffee maker!

We are finally making progress.

My favorite fall decoration "Queen of the Harvest"!

The window is going to be installed in a couple of weeks, so once that happens I will
give you a progress report on the kitchen.


  1. Looking GOOD!!! The range hood came out spectacular! I especially like how you hung that hutch top on the wall to the left of your sink. It gives it an old world look, but still contemporary enough that it doesn't look like it's outdated.

  2. It looks fantatstic. I love the hood, really different! Worth all the thought you gave it.

  3. Caroline I love your hood it’s fabulous! Lucky you to have found someone to make it since they cost a fortune. I had to smile, we aren’t gadget people either but my one must have thing in the kitchen…cappuccino maker! Enjoy your day!

  4. The hood looks fabulous...I am so excited for you to finally have the gas range in place and working...Sunday dinners will never have tasted so good.

    I adore your little harvest fairy...she is perfect.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. I especially love your pine hutch and coffee station!

  6. The hood looks great. I love all of your Mackenzie Child's pieces.
    Your fairy is adorable too!

  7. The hood is really great Caroline. I have a John Boos island and it is nice we bought another one for our basement apartment...and once I found a tiny one at Costco(!) and we bought it for our son's apartment. Following this kitchen reno is awesome, I love your style~so refreshing and true. I am busy working on my mini remodel too and when the kitchen is finished I will be in heaven~!

  8.'s lovely and refreshing!


  9. The hood is spectacular! Love all the checkerboard plates etc and the Queen of the Harvest is so cute!

  10. Oh Caroline, your kitchen is coming along beautifully! I love all your choices and the hood is so nice! Looking forward to more!


  11. Simply beautiful. So glad I stopped by.


  12. Caroline, your hood turned out so pretty! I love the design, it is simply gorgeous. I think your kitchen is so pretty and homey, and of course j'adore all the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check. Fantastic post and kitchen!!! :D

    Ricki Jill

  13. I truly adore your blog and always look forward to new posts, but can I kindly BEG you to take the music player off autostart? Maybe put it in the sidebar so those that want it can listen. Thank you ever so much.

  14. It's gorgeous, Caroline! Love the hood, and the B&W check, I did checks this week too! Wish I knew how to say something in French, LOL!
    xo, Andrea

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