Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Real Life Garden Horror!

While my daughter and I were out of town in Chicago, my husband was in charge of the farm
and well, how do I say this...he forgot to water.  That might not be an issue with most places
this time of the year but here in the desert where we have been having a heat wave
with temperatures over 100 degrees, it is a disaster.  All my lettuce starts are fried,
my fresh seedlings that were starting up gone and my pumpkin patch that I have been babying
since May. Ooh, I can't even think about it... I want to cry! 

I know people are more important than plants but to an urban farmer,
the lines get blurred sometimes.

  Here's some pictures of my pumpkin patch through the last six months.





And this is what I came home to...
 I harvested the pumpkins that were salvageable,
brought them inside, along with some pomegranates
and used them throughout the house to decorate for fall.

I learned an important lesson from matter if I make a detailed list of what to do day by day time I go out of town I am going to hire someone to take care of the farm. 
My husband is the banker, not the tender, he loves the farm but I am the caretaker of it.  
I can not expect him to take care of a four year old boy, a cat, a dog, 8 chickens and all the gardens.   
Just FYI.....All animals and humans survived our 4 day Chicago trip..
I can't promise you they bathed
but they are alive.

Tomorrow is a new day...the old is gone and the new has come!

I am going to go have a good cry now.


  1. Oh Caroline I’m so sorry for your pumpkins I wish I could send you some of mine. Oh well there’s always next year right? Perk up think of all the varieties you can plant next year. So at least the hubby fed the kid and animals right? That’s a good sign. Bathing, sometimes it’s overrated….lol.

  2. Caroline, I will cry with you. I know how heartbreaking it is is even though it's not life and death for people and animals (glad they are all okay) it is really hard when you've taken care of them and watched them grow for months. Hug that Honey of yours, I'm sure he feels horrible. Here's to next year!!!

  3. Oh beautiful farmer....I would have cried too...and yet, I love your hearts're wonderful!

  4. OMG. I remember when that darn thrasher got into my new plantings and I was furious. In Arizona, water is LIFE. Am so sorry. But, in Arizona, you may still be able to plant least one can try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I wish there was a "like" button for Blogger because I would "like" every single one of these comments!
    Thanks for crying with me...I feel the love.

  6. Had a similar thing happen when Honey was in the hospital in Dallas back in late May...
    my care taker, just tried the best she could...but she also shared the burden of worry and visits to the hospital. I should have had someone outside the family do the garden chores!

    oh, well, live and learn. Pat

  7. Oh, Caroline... I'm crying too! We know our loved one's don't mean to neglect these things, but they just aren't on their radar. I've installed an automatic system because of thing kind of thing... and I know it could happen to me when I get busy, distracted, or just plain brainless!

    May your next year's garden be lush, green, and overflowing all the way up to harvest!

  8. oh that is sad. I'm sure your husband felt so bad for forgetting.

  9. Oh, no, Caroline! I am so sorry. Your decor looks cute, though. *sadface*

  10. What the...? My condolences:( but I must say, those little survivors sure do look cute as fall decor!! Always a silver lining:)

  11. I am so sorry I hope you feel better soon.

  12. When I was scrolling through those pics, I didn't even want to see the last one. I just knew it would be bad. I'm so sad for you. ALLL THAT WORK! Go drink a bottle of that home-made wine. What? No home made wine...then go buy a bottle off the wine truck. HEY! I just thought of that!. A wine truck. I think I'll open a wine truck! Like one of those hot dog trucks! hmmm...anyway, Caroline, sorry about your luck. So sad. Love you Halloween/fall decorations though. That owl is cute too.

    Cindy Bee

  13. O no - that's just heart-breaking. All that lushness and care lost. Sigh... I would've cried too.

  14. Oh I would have cried! Your pumpkin patch was so full and lush - how sad! Oh well there's always next year. Either hire someone or maybe install automatic sprinklers or ad a timer of some sort to your watering system?

  15. I am so sorry for your loss...sounds like you are taking it well. You are a bigger person than me.

  16. oh no! i gasped when i saw the pumpkin patch! so sorry about the farm. i would have killed my husband ;)
    you make a good point about him not being the caretaker, etc. though. well, it looks like from your newest post, things are back on track though!

  17. Oh My! I know this is 18 months later, but it made me cringe. I hope this year you have a tremendous garden...with no drying out. Kathy


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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