Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Redeeming the Garden

Thank you for commiserating with me during our little farm disaster of 2011. 
Your sweet comments and emails were so encouraging to me.  There were some
questions that were asked and I will just answer them here...maybe you have the same question too.

Do we have a watering system?
Yes, we do have a watering system but it is not automated. All six beds are on the same
system so you just have to turn on one valve. 
I will do another post about my love/ hate relationship with watering systems... 

Do you go out of town much?
No...it is hard to go out of town when you have a farm...just too much to take care of.
I have dreamed of having a "gentleman's farmer" but I need hired
hands to have a gentleman's farm and at this point we are still the hired hands.

We started "Operation Redeeming the Garden" this weekend and we made good

Cleaned out the pumpkin bed, turned and amended the soil.

Pruned out dead wood and replaced edging
(the edging keeps our free ranging chickens out of the beds)

Prepped and ready to go for round two!

And the Alaska Sugar Snow Peas are taking off!

Here's to greener, growing days!

PS.  I am working on a "kitchen update" and will post it this week!  We are moving along on that front too!


  1. I see since the hubby crinkled your pumpkins you've put him to work, way to go. Your chickens are gorgeous hanging about but how did you get them to stay? I can't wait to see what you grow next and your kitchen.

  2. New beginnings are nice and your beds look wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen!

  3. This is a nice chance to see how you run your farm. It looks great and I find it interesting.

  4. You are lucky to have the opportunity to start again. We had very little rain this year and keeping up with the heat was tough. I feel for you. The clean up looks great. Can't wait to see new plants sprouting!

  5. That's the spirit. Wishing you better luck this time with the harvest.

  6. Yummmy Sugar Snaps. I can't even imagine how devasting it was for farmers way back, when the crop totally supported and fed the family. Your clean up looks grand. I Love your attitude. Kathy

  7. Great job. Making small sectons like this to grow different things makes managing them much easier. I loved the idea of putting fence. I will do one for my garden to protect my plants from my nasty neighbourhood kids. Thanks once again. PS: You look very pretty.

  8. It is all looking so lovely and pretty again...Adore the photo of the girls resting...How clever to add 3:16 as the numbers on your antique crate.

    We finally got time to do some work in our fall veggie garden, but it sure does not have the same charm as yours...yet *wink*

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. Hooray for Redemption! Can't wait to come and shop next spring and see how everything is doing. Would you mind sharing how you amend your beds? I tried some new things this year but I am curious as to how other people do theirs. Bless you!

  10. Caroline
    This has happened to me too. What WAS I thinking about? One man's ceiling is another man's floor. What seemed so obvious... disaster. What can you do but cry... pull yourself together and start over. Well done, girfirend!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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