Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What A Night!

The Evening at the Coop was just perfect!

the food

What sums it up is this note from one of our guests that night...

"Thank you for the most amazing night/dinner/people/your family/your home.  You guys rocked it Saturday night,
what a beautiful, lovely dinner. 
So many like minded folks!"

A magical night was had by all!

There were tons of like minded folks and they all sat next to who they were suppose to sit next too.  there was no assigned seating.  We loved how community was being built around the tables and how many connections that were made through food and sharing of each others lives.

the community

The chef and sous chef...David and Sloan

heirloom lettuce salad fresh picked that day.

As you can see from the dishes, everyone went home full and happy!

We will be doing another dinner in the spring,
 if you are interested in joining the delicious revolution.

The principles of the delicious revolution: 

Eat locally and sustainably, eat seasonally, shop at farmers' markets, plant a garden, conserve, compost and recycle, cook simply, cook together, eat together and remember food is precious. 

Thank you Alice Waters for blazing the trail for future generations
of this delicious revolution.  

With enormous gratitude!

The Family


  1. WOW CAROLINE, what a crowd and that menu it sounds so wonderful! I can't believe with just a few people cooking you were able to feed that many people that much food. It looks like it was a magical evening. Congratulations on your evening at the coop!

  2. Caroline dear! That was beautiful and so inspiring...Love what you are doing in your backyard farm! come by and share your coop next Tuesday on first annual Hen House Hop! Here's the official invite! Hope to see you!
    again ,lovely lovely lovely!

  3. Awesome Caroline!! What an achievement you and your family made that special evening~I am sure everyone will be talking about it for a long time. And~cute family!!

  4. How fun! I'll bet you're exhausted!!
    Are you going to do again?

  5. How fun!! Looks like everyone had a good time and went home full of good food! And you survived! A good evening for all.

  6. Caroline! I am so impressed. What a lovely party you had! I know everyone had a blast!

    FANTASTIC menu!

  7. Wow! Looks like such a beautiful night. I just had to pour myself some wine to read on. I'm so happy it went well.

  8. SO glad that it went so well!

  9. THAT is so cool!
    What a way to open up to people; sharing your home, your food, thoughts and ideas on eating what you grow!

    Great idea. Sounds and looks both fun and exhausting. LOL...


  10. Such a beautiful family! Honestly Caroline, if I could have, I would have driven out from Dallas for your wonderful event. Thank you for blazing a trail also, and giving me the inspiration that I really needed right now! This post made me resolve that if I can't find something like this in my community, then by golly I'm going to create it!!

  11. Wow, this is fabulous! I'm glad your night went perfect. Your family is beautiful.
    I LOVE that piggy chalkboard too.

  12. Looks are are so inspiring and the fact you have a wee one also...You lady are a super star...Thank you for sharing this amazing life with us all.



Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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