Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of Good Things Going On!

At our little BOHO Farm in the city....
Here is just some of them!

First Annual Boho Farmers/Flea Market 
Saturday, April 2 from 8am-1pm
Grab a friend, pack up the family and come join us
for the fun!

We will be having a Boho Farm Stand Market
with our own fresh organic eggs and produce,
 herbs, hand harvested organic seeds, fresh made goat cheese,
jams, jellies and curds, fresh herbed butter,
garden items and much more....

We will be featuring a number of local artists/vendors offering
burlap pillows and banners, jewelry, adorned vintage apparel,
vintage and antique items, teas, plants, garden accessories,
handmade children's clothes and accessories,
beads made out of rose petals,bake goods,food,
paintings, photography, handicrafts and more

If you would like to come email us
and we will send you a map!

Our peaches are growing--mark your calendars
Saturday, May 21, 8am-noon
Our farm will be open so you can pick your own fruit.

We will also be offering a jam class on that day... 
10am-$10 donation
 includes taking home your own jam.
Come learn how to make jam!

The Brazo blackberries are starting to fruit!

We have added an additional raised bed and if you can see the trench...
after 13 years my husband finally got us some irrigation!  Yippee!
Now I do not have to be a slave to the constant watering.  What a blessing!

This Sunday, March 27, noon to 1:30pm I am teaching a canning class at this fun new store in old town Scottsdale. 
It is called Jam Boutique and it is located at 6938 East 1st Street in Historic Charles Miller Square, Scottsdale, AZ. 
Their inventory is only local artists, they offer classes from upholstery to canning.
Check em out--it's really a neat place! 

And with all this going on I keep having to stop myself from doing something to this hallway!
I find myself starting projects that I have no business taking on...does anyone one else have this problem?

I will have to put this off till the beginning of April, after planting season and market is done...
I sooo want to do it now!

I will be joining all my wonderful farm friends at
Deborah Jean's Farm Girl Friday

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Good Book!

I bought this book a couple weeks ago and can not put it down. 
I am bringing it with me everywhere, so in my spare moments I can glean from it. 

by Carleen Madigan

Accessible and well-organized are two words that come to mind as I devour this book. 
For me isn't so much a how-to book, while it does have that aspect, it is more like an
idea book...a book full of possibilities.  I am choosing to implement parts but not the whole 
and that is what I like about it.  Selecting what works and is beneficial for our family 
and our 1/2 acre urban farm in the middle of Phoenix. If you are like me and want to
get back to basics,the land and to be sustainable.  This is the perfect book
 to cut your teeth on and to dream of all the wonderful possibilities!

Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fresh French Inspiration

Do you ever need a little inspiration...a respite from the weary world?  I do...after all the prepping of beds,
compost spreading, fruit tree and spring planting, I am exhausted. 
Besides just the wear and tear of everyday life;  being a wife and a mother,
carpool driver, playgroup goer, church picnic thrower. 
This living a simple life is hard work! 

As an artist, I sometimes become like dry ground and the way I water it is through
visual inspiration and that takes me to only one place-The South of France. 
This is my is the spring that a creative sense.
  I not only enjoy the beauty of the terrior but it is also the lifestyle; good wine,
good food, long drawn out meals with friends, working the land, eating the fruit of the land,
 making your own jam, watching a beautiful sunset.  
It is a lifestyle of simple pleasures that are available to all, the poor as well as rich can
enjoy all of these things.  I am going to share some picture of our trip to Grasse
a few years back that really started a paradigm shift in our thinking
of how we want to live as a family; simply, connected to the land and people,
cultivating our own food and living in community.

Côté Maison

Côté Maison

This reminds me of a little Hobbit house... 
My husband and I think the Hobbits had a pretty good life,
 they were happy, not easily angered, constitutions as strong a tree roots
 and they ate seven meals a day.
This is our friends chateau in Grasse that started us on this journey of having chickens,
 gardening for our food, having fruit trees, making our own jam, eating only really fresh bread. 
We were able to share with them their lives and this is how they lived
and it inspired us to live that way too.

A tunnel of roses and grapes...
I am working on this at our little farm and will post about it as soon as the grapes start leafing out!

This is the view of their house from the garden.

That room with the light on was ours...
 that trip to change our prospective on what really is the joie de vivre~the Joy of Life.

Here is my sweet girl at dusk in the lower garden with Tiz and Azor,
she has wanted a German Shepard since that trip.

I need to look back and remember...
( put back together... because this world dis-members ..breaks us apart)
 my vision and purpose is renewed and I am inspired to create again!

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
 and resign yourself to the influence of each." 
Henry David Thoreau

Does anyone else ever feel dry and need of some fresh inspiration and remembering?

Hope the simple life is yours this week!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Garden and Raised Beds

I have received so many questions about my post last week, where I showed the new raised bed and so I  am going to talk about raised beds for a little bit...

Raised beds should be no wider than 4 feet.  This way you can reach the middle from both sides.

the way we have made our is to get 3 pieces of 12"x8'x2" untreated pine lumber.  You can use redwood but it will be about 3 times the price and I can't say it is three times better.  All you have to do is cut one of those pieces in half, so you have two 4 foot sections and then you assemble them with screws--do not nail for it will come apart over time. 

Place 3 screws equidistant along the height of the lumber and do that on all four ends.  Then you are ready to fill.  First I put cardboard, newspaper, or paper to be recycled down on the bottom to keep the grass and weeds out of the bed.  Then I just start layering native soil and compost until it's fill it up.  My personal preference is to do a 50/50 mix.  Then you are ready to plant, it is just that easy!

Here is a link to my good friend Jill's blog,
She has a great step by step post on prepping your beds.

We have gotten our new bed filled and planted this week!

Another extra thing you can do to your raised beds is place a 8"x8'x2"
on top and use it as a ledge to sit on. 
This is what we did here for my tomato and pepper bed.

I finished planting all the chilies, tomatoes and basil, too.

Here are our new little garden sign...
we will be selling these at our Farmers/Flea Market on April 2nd
They are also available online.

We also harvest the first round of garlic from our fall planting...which is very exciting...I am trying to plant enough garlic and onions that we will not need to buy it anymore.  I feel we are getting one step closer to eating only out of our yard!

Wishing you a happy week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adding Whimsy...

Because the doorway just needed a little something!


I added a pair of these pine brackets that I got from Home Depot for $7 each,
 painted them white and then nailed them up, caulked and painted.


Here is the final product.  I think it adds a little fun to and otherwise functional space.This is the entry to my pantry/laundry room.  You can see more of what I have done in this room here.  I would like to find a cute screen door that is all worn and put it up.  I already know my husband is just going to love that idea...not really.  I am going to do some more in this little space and will show you soon.

  I have to get back to the farm now.  Spring planting is a critical time and I still have much to seed and sow.  I will update you on Friday will all that's in the ground and will talk about raised beds. 

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Time For Sitting on the Farm

Okay fellow farmgirls...

I wanted to write a pithy post for my friend Amy @ Farm Friend Friday...where I have met so many wonderful like-minded friends and you should really join us..but the work on the farm is never done and I have to go and get planting...

I have to finish filling our newest raised bed with dirt and compose...oh that is a lot of digging.
If you are wondering what the paper is, well, I line the bottom of the boxes with recycled papers and cardboard--it breaks down and turns into compost.

Finish planting my tomatoes and peppers

Call to get estimates on the broken dual pane window that the lawn guys broke this week...not looking forward to that one.

Plant two David Austen climbers

This one is just for you spy the leaves budding out on our ash tree?  I bet by next week it will be full of leaves. 
Oh spring, come, oh come...

My work is calling me, I'll write more next week, promise...have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Dreamy Cottage By The Lake

The new Midwest Living hit my mailbox two days ago and I can not stop looking at this beautiful house on Lake Michigan.  It is my dream looks like a little Hobbit house...not too big, full of well crafted details and thoughfully designed spaces.
 Love all the 1930's detailing, the green craftsman columns, the rounded screen door, window boxes, beautiful wood windows with the simple two over two grid pattern, the log construction...Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was right "God is in the details."

How quaint is this entrance?  It beckons you to enter in...

How wonderful is this door?  One of my very favorite things is a rounded front door. And if that wasn't enough it has a rounded screen door--good night!  You already know how I feel about wallpaper and I LOVE this paisley paper...and how about the curly willow bench?

Same paisley of the wallpaper is on the upholstered seats..great way to tie the rooms together.

Wouldn't you love to be writing from this little desk?

Look how the color is incorporated through the whole house from the inside out with the green beams.  Not to mention the gorgeous stone fireplace with the deer head. I don't know why but I heart game mounts.

Look at this beauty of a bathroom...the windows, the tub...Calgon, take me away...

You can see more picture of the house and read the story here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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