Saturday, May 28, 2011

And the winner is...

We are so excited to announce the winner of our Jam making giveaway!

And the winner is...

Just became a follower and your also in my RSS feeds! "

Email me your address Diane and I will get your jamming and canning goodies in the mail this week.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Memorial Day!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jam Making Giveaway!

In celebration of our SOLD OUT Peach Jam Making class today at BOHO Farm,
I have a great giveaway to encourage others to join the jamming/canning revolution
and to revive the love of the home arts.

Giveaway includes:

The Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit
This is a great starter need no special equipment only what you already would have in your kitchen.
  • Introductory home canning kit eases a novice canner into it with a trial set that makes use of existing kitchenware
  • Includes an illustrated, simplified instruction book with recipes
  • Also includes polypropylene rack with separate, fitted lifter that works in standard stockpots
  • and 3 Pint jars
  • Bounce-back coupons for additional jars are a bonus inclusion
  • Efficient, low-cost way to learn canning, which could save money and broaden supplies in the long run

The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
This is my canning bible that I have talked about before!
For years this book and its great straight forward recipes have been a staple in my home. 
Approachable and easy to read and understand.  This is a great book to get your feet wet.

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry
By Liana Krissoff
If the Ball Complete book is Elementary School, this book is High School. 
She combines some really interesting, fresh, modern flavors and also tell you how to make pectin through green apple stock. 
This is not your Mother's or Grandmother's cookbook.  This is the opening line:
"When I was growing up, canning was for old folks and cranks and separatists...oh, and for my parents..."

To Win

1.  Become a follower of  the BOHO Farm blog and let me know by leaving a comment after this post.

2.  If you are already a follower, leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win.

If you want an another chance to win, mention my giveaway on your blog and link back to this post.  Then leave another comment letting me know!

I will announce the winner on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who joined us on Saturday. 
 I hope you all learned a lot and are inspired to go make some jam!

We will be doing a "preserving the harvest "canning class on July 9th.
More information to come!

After the giveaway I will be doing an elaborate post on the jam making class with
plenty of pictures and tips!


Friday, May 6, 2011

What's Growing At The BOHO Farm

The artichokes are blooming...can't wait to roast these babies with some EVO and French sea salt.

First of the season blackberries are ripe on the vine.

All our veggies are planted in the raised beds and we are just waiting for the fruits
of our labor.  On the far right is a new bed that is for heirloom pumpkins.
These are not the pumpkins you get in the grocery store;
they are warty, striped, multi color and squatty pumpkins.
This fall you can come to BOHO Farm and pick your beauties!
They will look like these.

We planted corn on the west side of the bed to protect the eggplants and leeks
from the hot Arizona afternoon sun.  Also, with the construction mesh that we place over top
we can shade our plants at anytime if we see they are stressed.

Boo is so excited about the corn.  I planted it just for him.  It is such a fast grower and
kids just love to see results from what they plant.

The peaches and apricots are slow this year and we lost a bunch of blossoms with
that late frost we had in February.

Our Anna Apples are growing beautifully--they loved
all that freezing weather we had this winter.

Can't wait to make those 4th of July apple pies and crisps!

We finally trellised the espalier apple hedges that we planted a couple years ago

I wanted it to look like grapes, so we have redwood posts that are 4.6 ft tall and
three equidistant wires going across.  They are happy!

We are busy around the farm getting ready for the Edible Arcadia Tour on May 15 from 9am to noon. 
You can get your tickets here.  Hope you can come join us and see what is growing first hand!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Going On Inside Boho Farm?

I have been terribly neglectful of our blog... 
With all the planting and working the land we are doing, it is hard to find time to sit at my desk!

Here is a little picture of all that has been going on...

After having 14 people over for Easter dinner...I decided to start moving things around...
I know...I am crazy.

I traded the huge painting I had hanging here with my friend and after a week of staring
at a blank wall, I thought Easter night at 8pm was a good time to start moving things around.
So I went around the house gathering art to go on this wall in a collage...
Now I have blank spaces everywhere else, but oh well, I like it!

In the breakfast all started with those panels that I got at Cost Plus for $24
 the day before Easter, when I was shopping for Easter baskets. 
The panels remind me of vintage bark cloth and summer...
but had hues in them that were not it the room. 
 I solved that problem by moving the vintage print that was in our sun room
 into the nook to go with those browns and greens...
I am actually going to add one more piece...a wicker chair.

I am LOVING succulents right now.

This is my "new" favorite jam cookbook...I bring it to bed with me each and every night!

Here is my flea market find from last weekend.  We were at the JAM flea market in
Old Town Scottsdale last Sunday and in the booth right across from mine was this table and I
kept staring at it and I knew he needed me to take him home and love him.
So here he is in my drawing room.  Doesn't it look perfect!

Two things I love... my table and my Pendleton plaid blankets...I remember having Pendleton
wool blankets as a kid--I have a soft spot for them.  Can you spy my new green screen door?
We removed one just like it from this house 14 years ago and now I am putting one back on again.
I just love the sound it makes...swoosh/slam...pure happiness.

Here is the big picture

This is what else I have been doing...jamming like a mad jammier. 
Our strawberries are at their best and so I have been making strawberry balsamic jam
and strawberry rhubarb jam.  They sold like hot cakes at the JAM Flea Market! 
But don't worry, I will be making more for the Arcadia Edible Tour on May 15th.

And I have been working on the hall almost ready to unveil it.

I will post about what is going on outside on the BOHO Farm next...

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