Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drum roll please...


After months and months of working on our kitchen,
doing a little bit at a time we are there
...well almost.
We still need to replace the old halogen cans with some sleeker modern recessed lighting
and select and tile the back splash.

We actually did not start out planning to remodel our kitchen. 
But then we fell for this AGA


And next thing you know we are moving walls.  You all know how that goes!
Now we have an almost new kitchen.

So here is our labor of love...
this is the dining nook, which is now smaller since we shifted the opening 30 inches.

 My husband made this table out of an old iron
 base that had been sitting around here for years, he just covered
a sheet of plywood with a 16 gauge sheet of galvanized steel, built a frame
 and voilà!

I just love it!

found this cute vintage tole chandelier at where else...Sweet Salvage.

This Lee Jofa fabric is perfect for the pillows and the welted with the curtain fabric.
   I have two more to sew...who knows how long that will take me to do...I am not good at production
once the inspiration leaves, it takes a bit to get it back. 
In the old days I use to have my workroom do this...
 I don't want to spend the money to have someone else make something I can easily do.
But that being said...it might be half done for a while.  

Here are some before and after to give you the "big picture".  
You can really see how shifting the opening has affected the space. 
It is amazing what 30" can do!

The opening before...

and after, on the right we added that little bookcase so we have more room for books.
Notice the brackets on the top of the bookcase...that is right...those are the same
ones I use everywhere.
and here is the other direction you enter into the kitchen.
The extra 30" really help the flow between the different living spaces.

the coffee station--because we LOVE our coffee
a lot

The Hood:  Lineal and our focal point

two little stools tucked away for the kids

My antique canisters from Calais, France are now on display

our glasses, napkins, straws,bottle openers and matches all
hang here in this little cabinet

And our favorite...the stainless farm sink.  Oh my...It is so big you can hide all the dishes
in it.  I can never go back!
Notice the feet on the sink cabinet...yes, you guessed it they are those Home Depot
brackets again.

The kitchen is now open!


  1. I love it Caroline...I will have to run to HD to stock up on those brackets for future projects.

  2. I love it Caroline...I will have to run to HD to stock up on those brackets for future projects.

  3. I am in love with that Aga as well....

    Your kitchen turned out beautifully!


  4. Salut Caroline...c'est magnifique,
    J'ai amour, l'amour de ce blog. Nous nous réjouissons de vous voir à Salvage Sweet!
    Jim Rawlins
    homme doux

  5. LOOKS AMAZING! Long hard work, paid off! Love your home!

  6. It looks awesome...I totally understand about the lack of motivation once the inspiration is taken care off...I have many projects like that too...I am so jealous of that sink...though I did at least get a extra deep double sink when we built...a farm sink was just not in the budget at the time (or for a few more yrs lol)
    Congrates on the almost completion.

    Blessings Kelsie

  7. Caroline your kitchen is amazing, it turned out so well and I love the table your husband made, aren't handy husbands the best? Your Aga looks great too.

    I haven't forgotten my post on your wonderful gifts I've just had a bad head cold that the husband felt the need to share so haven't been moving the last few days....tomorrow.

    Enjoy your new kitchen!

  8. it's beautiful woman....as are you! do tell...the green paint color in your nook....i LOVE it and have a spot that might look lovely with that green....

    xoxo lylah

  9. Wow, drool, gasp...dream....I love it.....absolutely wonderful...Those bracket from Home Depot?? How do they go on?? Love it all....

  10. Love, Love, Love!! I could move right in!! All your elements have come together beautifully.
    I almost gave you a hollar over the Christmas holidays, as I passed through Phoenix not once, but twice, and even did some FAST shopping near Chandler or Mesa (not sure which but it was a big mall - had to make a return). The only thing stopping me was 3 kiddos and a very tired husband who was ready to get home, and we had a lot of driving yet to do. Someday, I might take you up on a cup of coffee and get a personal kitchen tour!
    Enjoy every inch of your new kitchen!

  11. Ah, everything looks lovely! Great job Caroline! Take a breather now and enjoy!

  12. It looks fantastic! I love how charming yet fresh you've made it feel. I also love your mix of "cabinetry cabinets" and furniture style shelves on the walls... hmmm I'm getting ideas for my own kitchen :)

  13. i love how it all turned out! the counters...the stove...the sink...the nook! the chandelier is such a find too. i am wanting to see all the goodies on he shelves by the dishwasher...looks like some checkerboard cuteness. i really love how your style is your own - using colors like black and green and wallpaper here and there. wishing you many delicious meals and memories in your new kitchen!!

  14. Congratulations on your new kitchen! It is just beautiful! So spacious and easy to work in with a please color palette. I love the oversized sink, and the range is to die for! I know you must be thrilled with the outcome.

  15. Gorgeous, I wish I had a kitchen like this. We are in Rome temporarily and the kitchen is just a tiny corner. Can't wait to go back home to Sicily. You have got great taste, I am following you.

  16. Beautiful job, I love how you integrated the old with the new. So was that great stove worth it all?

  17. Caroline, your kitchen is stunning!!! I love everything about it. That bookcase near the opening is inspiring. I cannot believe your husband made the table in the darling breakfast nook. I love that area in your kitchen!!! I know you are enjoying your kitchen so, so much. I don't think I would ever leave it!

    Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed seeing your kitchen!

    Ricki Jill

  18. I just can't think of enough good things to say about your beautiful kitchen--love the table, coffee station, sink, etc., etc.!

  19. Wow Caroline! It looks so fantastic!! This is magazine quality reno work~I have to pin your pics!! Love the nook, the chandy the kooboo chairs, and the vintage looking wall cab for the glassware...of course the sink and hood are ultra gorg!!

  20. Caroline - It is AHHHHH MAY ZING!. I love those Home Depot Brackets and may steal that idea for our kitchen. Fantastic and worth every ounce of everything you put it in!

  21. ~LOVE~ your farmhouse sink, everything is absolutely divine!!!! ~~~Patience pays off, doesn't it????~~~~~ I dunno, but as a decorator,......the kitchen sink window needs more ~ what are your plans? I am thinking of herb pots sprinkled around, a silver tray of crystal decanters, and black and white or red and white toile fabric curtains to pull from your Mc-Childs accents.........one or two tiny chandys to replace the canister lights hanging at different levels......you have a fabulous canvas to work with my love,.....enjoy and know that your efforts are paying off. ............it looks FAB!!!!! Whatever you do,.... will be the bomb........!*!*!*!

  22. I really, reeeeeally like the changes you've made. I love your cushions too - the piping makes them look amazing!

    Well done, you!!


  23. Absolutely gorgeous job on your kitchen! I love it!

  24. Congrats on finishing your new kitchen Caroline! It's beautiful. I like your sink. I have a farm sink but it's white, not stainless. Mine doesn't have the apron in front either and I love that about yours. They are great for big baking pans and pots and such. I told my husband I want a coffee station in my new home. And the other day I was at Meijer and I walked by the coffee pots, thinking about getting a new one. Guess how many they had to choose from? I counted them. 37! Crazy! 37 not including the BIG urn type for parties. I didn't even look at them!

    Cindy Bee

  25. Wonderful and charming kitchen as is your home. Love the green in your dining nook. My kitchen used to be green before I lightened it up.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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