Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cat's Quinceañera

If you wonder where I have been...
We have been getting the farm ready for my daughter's
My daughter and her Abuela have been planning this for months.
Coming up with a guest list, menu, ceremony...working on
it as a "Grandma/Granddaughter" team..a special time to share just
Cat and her Abuela.
It was decided that it would not be a big formal affair but a simple,
meaningful event more like how it would be in my mother in law's village
in the South of Mexico.

We decided early on that the rich Oaxacan culture of my mother in law would be purposefully imparted to our children.
  This was a learning curve for this midwestern girl who was raised on tuna noodle cassorole,white bread,
and in a sea of suburban homogeneity.

This meant I had to learn to speak Spanish, how to
make salsa, guacamole, tortillas, tamales...even pozolé
How can you teach it if you don't know it?
in the spirit of Ruth..."your people shall be my people"
and this journey of learning keeps growing.

The Quince was a success and I would love to share the day with you...
This is the Quinceañera chair
My dad walked her down the aisle, as David and I waited for her
There were 15 coral roses given out to our relatives, dear family friends and her best friends.
Each one would present her with a rose and give her a blessing and share some advice on her
transition from a girl to womanhood.  This was such a blessing to me as a mom to be able to
listen to the precious, encouraging words of friends towards our daughter and it reminded me
that it does take a village and I am so thankful for the community that we have been given.
her aunt Marlene and her Abuelita
Our dear friend Charity, who has known Catherine for her whole life gave her the sweetest
blessing, full of wisdom, I scarce could hold it in.
we prayed for her and her future
David put on her high heel shoes,
which symbolizes her transition from a girl to a woman.
then he presented Catherine
she gave a beautiful speech...
Our little girl is growing up.
The Mariachi's played
we ate and ate
and danced
hung out
had cake

took pictures

It was a beautiful day where memories were made. 
 Memories our daughter will remember for her whole life.
She has crossed over the bridge from a girl to a lady.

We love you Catherine Grace and are so proud of the women you are becoming
and sharing in your bright future, as we send you out to be a blessing to the world!

Mom and Dad

Thank you to Karina from Capturing Delight Photography for taking all these lovely photos.


  1. So sweet~I never heard of this tradition. It is beautiful, as is your daughter. Love the hat you wore too!

  2. What a lovely thing to pass on and take a tradition and share. She is beautiful....quite a young lady....

  3. Caroline thank you to you and Catherine for sharing this very special day with us. Most religions and cultures have a day such as this just goes to show we're really all alike and believe in celebrating the changes of life. Congratulations to you all, Catherine is a lovely young lady.


  4. That is the most special Quinceañera I have ever seen. I think it's awesome you didn't do the traditional "wedding" hoopla thing. This definitely would've been a tear-jerker. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing! (My mom sent me over to read.) :)

  5. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. What a great tradition to take part in and a wonderful way to honor your Mother In Law's heritage. Special.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Thanks Amy! I like to think of that hat as a Downton Abbey one. :)

  7. How beautiful!

    I grew up in Southern California and the girls with Mexican heritage would have their Quinceanera's nearly like a wedding - big white dresses, attendants both guys and girls...

    I love the simplicity of yours - a sweet acknowledgement of her womanhood. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  8. How very precious! What a beautiful young woman. God bless her and you as parents.

  9. So beautiful Caroline...how proud you and David can only be. Don't blink, cause she'll get married next :-)

    xoxo lylah

  10. Caroline- thank you so much for sharing your families special day. I love how your daughter and mom-in-law went for a more meaningful celebration rather than a large, impersonal one like so many have. Cat looks to be so happy and will never forget that day.

  11. Caroline~ what a lovely ceremony and celebration!

    My granddaughter has Mexican Heritage and will no doubt have an Quinceanera also...(she is about to turn 3 years old in March). I hope that her Abuelita is here for it and I hope it is every bit as wonderful for her as this appeared to be for your daughter Catherine.
    Congrats to Catherine~


  12. what an amazing tradtion, a beautiful day for all of you!

  13. Such a beautiful daughter, and post! I'm fascinated with this tradition ~ ♥ And, I'm a new follower!

  14. Oh how beautiful and rich it is to pass on traditions! Your sweet Catherine is beautiful and so blessed! May she ever walk close to Him.

  15. This all looks enchanting. I live in South Texas where two cultures are merged into one, and I loved that you celebrated the way you did.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I am a new follower and off to read more!

    May I ask if anyone assisted you in designing your blog and if so who??

    I love it!

    White Spray Paint


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