Monday, February 6, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...Let's Talk Tile Backsplash

We are now trying to make a decision about what to do for a backsplash...
Here are some of my ideas

A Moorish tile backsplash. Ashbury mosaic by Walker Zanger.

In white?

Green or maybe blue?

subway carrara tiles laid in a herringbone pattern

Or just a running bond with Carrara subway tiles

I think plain subway tile might just be too plain for me
Maybe plain white subway tiles in a
harringbone pattern would be nice.


Here is our kitchen to refresh your memory.
What do you think?


  1. I love the moorish tile in green, but then you are stuck with green. So maybe the safe choice is the subway tile in a herringbone pattern.

  2. I am a lover of color so I think the tiles in blue or green would be wonderful. That being said, I really like the subway tiles in a herringbone pattern - and I like the plain ones verses the Carrara.

  3. Since I am a fan of "Sarah's House" a design show, she always says to pick a non-color, because down the road the tile is not easy to change....that being said, I think the running bond in the carrera is the best way to go or the white....very classic!

  4. I love the curves of the Moorish tiles, especially with all the straight lines and hard angles in a kitchen... and although I love the idea of green or blue I'd stick with white so that it would be "changeable" in the future.


  5. Love all your choices but now that I see your kitchen again I'm thinking Moorish tiles in white. I think the subway tiles in any pattern might overwhelm your kitchen and make it look small. I know whatever you choose to do will be wonderful and I can't wait to see!


  6. The moorish tiles in blue would be so pretty, but I have aways loved the look of crisp subway tiles. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. It'll be gorgeous I am sure!

  7. Well I think you love pattern and color and you have them in the kitchen in fabrics and accessories~which you can change out. If you do that in a tile, you are stuck with it. I would go with a classic subway tile or a basic marble pattern and let your accessories shine against the backdrop.

  8. I vote for the moorish tile in white or green - a backsplash is easy enough to change out, so do something fun!

  9. I would pick the Moorish tile in blue! Love that style

  10. It is hard to make that choice, right! I do love them all, but I really love the white herringbone pattern or the green moorish tile would be fun!
    Show us what you decide.

  11. White Subway Tile in a Herringbone pattern or Marble Subway Tile in a running bond pattern are my favorite backsplashes! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  12. Go with the white shiny subway tile for a truly french look. You won't be disappointed!I love the moorish tile, no doubt, but not for this kitchen. It's easy to fall for several types of tile and get confused, however, you must stay focused,.....this is a French kitchen.

  13. Here's my two cents worth! In our new house, I'm going with classic for the bigger type projects. The things I only want to do once and not again. Tile would fit into that category. So, even though the white subway tile might be boring and plain, it's what I want to go with (so thanks for the pic, by the way, because I'm going to show it to my husband!) I have found when I go with colors, such as hunter green, which was popular in 1995, it is now something I'm very bored with. But I sure wouldn't want to change it out. so I say neutrals and classic designs for bigger projects and go wild with other things that can easily be changed out.

    cindy bee

  14. I think I LOVE your kitchen! (And given the space, would probably stick with white and - if a pattern - one that would draw the eye from side to side rather than up and down - to visually widen the space.... The herringbone might do that???

  15. The brick pattern. Definitely. Er, herringbone.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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