Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Salvage: What A Day!!

Oh boy!  What a day! 
From the moment the "garage" door opened...people...non stop people.  It was amazing!
This Sweet Gang is so very talented.  There was beauty everywhere and green...
lots and lots of beautiful greens.

Look at all this green loveliness!
our limited edition "Make Eggs Not War" T-Shirts
fresh baked Madeleine cookies, organic greens, radishes, lemons

our seasonal lemon and blood orange curd, made with our own BOHO eggs.
Trish from Vintage Bliss was also a featured artist...
her jewelry is made out of old ceiling tiles.
Also, thank you Trish for all these great photos.

Thank goodness Stephanie took a bunch of  photos before all of the craziness began!
Sweet Salvage was jammed packed all day from the minute the doors opened. 
But don't worry if you didn't get there yesterday...they are bringing in new treasures everyday.
I got to see so many friend and also make some new ones...Thank you for coming down and
meeting me.  What a made the day so sweet!
All our BOHO product will be there throughout the weekend to purchase if you weren't
able to get down Thursday.  I am planning to go Saturday and Sunday to shop!
So maybe we'll see each other there!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Sweet Salvage


  1. It looks like a wonderful day with the makings of good times to remember always.

    My dear friend of many years sent me your link to take a look, she lives in Phoenix and is now set on chickens at her home. Nice visiting with you this evening, Caroline.

  2. How I would love to visit Sweet Salvage. Wow, at the lovely stuff!!! I hope it is a huge success for y'all, Caroline!


  3. Caroline it was so nice to meet you at Sweet Salvage and Thank You for graciously allowing me to take a Photo for the Blog Post I will be doing tomorrow Night covering the Event. I really must get down to Boho Farms and see everything and share even more with my Blog Supporters. I'm Hopeful I can get down there again this weekend to buy some of the Jams, opening day is always a little too crazy for me so I can't see or buy everything I'd like to until its calmer. *LOL* I'm getting too old to move quickly and 'score' everything I want or need to... darn! *Winks* But those delicious Jams and Curds are calling to me... Foodie that I am! *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Wow Caroline everything is styled so beautifully. I wish you the very best with your sale and wish I could be there.

      Happy Weekend!

  4. Good morning Caroline...I was there....picked up a few of your treats and some other treasures. I plan on attending your farmer's market in March. Pleased to meet another
    AZ blogger.



  5. What a lovely set-up for Sweet Salvage. I would so enjoy shopping there. Your fresh treats sound so delicious and are attractively preserved. I am glad it has been a successful weekend for you!


  6. Merci beaucoup pour le merveilleux marmelade d'orange.
    Vous ĂȘtes si gentil.
    Faites-en un grand jour.

  7. Although I was not able to make it for opening day, I popped in during the weekend and as soon as I saw your jams and curd, I smiled to myself because I had envisioned you smiling right back at me. =)

  8. CAroline-

    It looks just amazing! If only I was closer - darn it!

  9. Loved Sweet Salvage! Little crazy to maneuver around but fun. Actually writing here to find out your source for your birdhouses. I'm new to your blog and loved the photos of your farm. So beautiful! I would love to brighten up our space and your farm is a great inspiration.

  10. so many great things all your BOHO FARM goodies!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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