Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's New On The Farm

It has been such a whirlwind of activity over here and I thought I would
catch you up on all the behind the scenes farm "happenings". 
We finally found the perfect old chippy gate to go between our front and lower garden. 
We were going to have one made, but then I was out looking for a kitchen
island and stumbled up this gate and it was JUST the size we need and included the hardware.
I still haven't found the "perfect" island yet but now we have a gate
 and it keeps the chickens off the patio. 
Which is a HUGE blessing because chickens poop everywhere.
We planted edibles in our front hedge last fall and they are growing great.
Now we are adding more beds out front with bunches of edibles.
Found this cute old wooden crate at For The Love of Old.
Planted it with some rosemary and geraniums
(I like to put those plants together because they like the same amount of water)
put it out front on my bench an added the house number plaque we had made
 years ago in Oaxaca City.

I have now resorted to planting fruit trees in the front yard. A weeping Santa Rosa plum,
a Catalina Plum and an heirloom Plumcot--a cross between a plum and a apricot.
They will all work as pollinators for each other and in the future,
I will make this whole area one big bed.

We have planted four more peach trees and by doing this we have extended our peach season out
to May, June and July. That is a lot of peach pie and jam...yum! 
Our 13 year old apricot tree is blooming...which is a good sign..
because fruit trees only last 15 years or so in the desert.
The little tree to the left is a baby apricot tree, so when my big one
dies, I have more to take its place.
Here are our baby "Desert Gold" peaches
SO excited for peach season!
Our rocket arugula is flowering and going to seed.
I will harvest the seeds, save them and plant again in the fall.
This has been a strange year weather wise for us...
the espalier apple hedge did not lose it leaves.
I am hoping we had enough chill time that it will produce fruit.
All our raised beds are planted, from lettuces, to root veggies,
alums and now pepper, tomatoes and chilies. 
We should be good till mid June and then we are going to let them rest till September.
Here are the "baby" Amerucanas we got in October all grown up!
They should all be laying their blue eggs starting this month.

My last great find was this tool box I also found at For The Love of Old
and planted geraniums in it.  I don't do many annual anymore but I like them in
pots on my front porch and back patio.  To add a little splash of color.
For The Love of Old are going to be vendors in our March 24 Flea/Farmers Market, btw.
So excited to have them with us and to see their treasures.
I'll be posting more about the market during these next few weeks.


  1. we are running so far behind with our planting this year...we have the onions in...David has started the corn seeds in a tray...maybe tomorrow between morning service and evening bells practice and prepping house and yard for back to back photoshoots I will get my cucumbers, tomato and peppers seeds into trays...

    Love the new gate.

  2. You are such an inspiration!
    I have peas planted, but birds were eating the leaves, so I had to put netting over the peas....our spinach is doing well and the beets are too....
    Thanks for keeping us up to it!

  3. Chickens do poop everywhere! Hee I am always seeing the offerings of our lone chicken Lottie.

    Everything looks great on the farm...


  4. Beautiful Carolynn! Love it all!

  5. Carolyn your yard looks fabulous! We planted hedges of blueberries rather then something that doesn’t produce anything. Trees are mainly fruit trees, lots of peaches and old varieties of apples. I can’t wait to get out to garden this year and I only plant heirloom vegetables. I finally got the husband to try purple carrots and he loved them so I’ll double the amount I grew last year. I don’t plant annuals either I only plant for the birds and bees since we need the bees to pollinate. The only thing we don’t have are chickens and I would love some but we have to many wild animals that would eat them. Fun seeing your yard growing in March!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. As if I didn't already have spring fever!! Your home is just just beautiful and so practical and your gardens so lovely. My hubby is hoping to get started on our raised beds this weekend. He has brought my two dwarf plum trees from the old house to be planted and I am hoping they survive. I can't wait to get started!

  7. I'm an AZ blogger....didn't meet you at Sweet Salvage...but plan on attending your "flea"/



  8. your farmyard looks amazing! so jealous of all that green and sunshine!!

  9. Your yard is gorgeous. I don't know how you have the time. Great job.

    Cindy Bee

  10. Oh, I'm going to have to place fencing around our garden these little woven fences work at keeping your chickens out? Are you chickens wings clipped. Mine are not...I would think they'd hop or fly over.

    I commend you for planting in the front. I think it is wonderful to see people planting their gardens and yards with purpose.

    I think our peach trees were lost in the drought last year. We did not have a very chilly winter-- and I've not seen any buds on our peaches yet. That is discouraging.

    your urban farm-- looks wonderful. Your little plot-- looks mighty big! The way you've laid things out is good.


  11. Such a good idea to plant edibles in with your "decoratives"! ~ And, LOVE your Amerucanas!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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