Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Salvage Is One!!

Has it only been a year since Sweet Salvage came to town and made our city a better place?
I was there the day it opened and have been back every month since,
as guest artist and as a shopper. 

This group of talented ladies (and Robert too) have brought to Phoenix
something unique, something that didn't exist before and their creativity
and excellence at their craft has enriched our community on SO many levels.
I am privileged to know, love and work with this Sweet Gang.
Here is to many more years of bringing beautiful "junk" to Phoenix.
You guys just keep getting better and better!
You inspire me and many other to create and make things
beautiful everyday.

Here are some Sweet Salvage treats I have found throughout the year:
This great galvanized tray

 Lots of stuff from this picture came from Sweet Salvage...
And of course, my all time favorite Sweet Salvage find,
my Downton Abbey table in the kitchen.  It is FABULOUSLY
 helpful for making jam.  And it cost around $200. 
Lots of beautiful old books...especially French ones
 these vintage French flashcards
 they have the best old farm paintings, here is one of my favorites,
and little occasion tables and beautiful tool boxes
and cute little stools...actually...
I've gotten multiple perfectly distressed stools.
and lighting...

lots and lots of is one of my favorite spots to find the
"perfect" chandelier for my clients.

And last but certaining not least, the piece I have been searching
for years to find....
an old screen door for my laundry room-

read more about it here!

 It's worth a trip! 
They're open all this weekend from 10am-6pm.
See you there and
Happy Birthday Sweet!


  1. Very fun things!
    Thanks for the "tour of goods" ;)

  2. Judging by the goodies you've found for your home, I can tell it's a wonderful place. So happy to see you posting again....I've been absolutely stalking your cottage pictures. I just love the way you put so many colors together and mix and match objects. Your home is gorgeous!

  3. Wait! I need that table :-)....beautiful post and fun my friend! xoxo lylah

  4. I need a store like that here!

    I love your screen door for your laundry room!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to shop!
    I've always loved your screen door in the laundry room.


  6. You have such a pretty home Caroline and it looks like you really know how to pull even the oddest thing into the mix, love your old truck fan! That table was a really great buy!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Wow I wish they were here. I would be going there everyday with prices like that table. You have the door I have been looking for to go in my pantry.
    Checked out your corn relish recipe and I may try it.


  8. I wish they were in my neighborhood ... and every neighborhood. Thanks for sharing the photos. You have a beautiful home and a wonderful blog!

  9. I am in love with that lamp! I have been looking for something similar to place near my bookcase.


  10. Caroline! Oh my gosh...are you sitting? okay. i found you via fccc (I"m there too; Katie from Brighton Park). I also keep chickens, and we have so much in common! AND i write a french themed blog also as i am a big francophile (and sneak off there every chance my husband gives me and guess where i live...YEP...PHOENIX (well, Gilbert actually). Small world. I love your blog. please stop by brighton park ( and i would LOVE you to link up this gorgeous picture post to my wordless wednesday linky party on the French blog! looking forward to getting to know you! ~~Katie

  11. I came to read your end of summer post and realized I'd missed this post. Wow, I wish I was much closer to Phoenix (although I once was) so I could visit Sweet Salvage too. Of all your purchases, I'm most impressed with your laundry room screen door--probably because I've been looking for one for my pantry door for almost ten years! (Yes, I love your other finds too!)


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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