Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh My...

That is right...we have two female Indian Runner ducks.
No, we did not go out and get them, they came to us.
I guess we have an open door...
 They are just a part of a long line of Boho Farm's Easter rescue
chicks and now ducks.
Please don't get chicks and ducks for Easter...or bunnies either!
I am a chicken keeper and I don't get chicks at Easter.
I could go on with a think through getting an animals rant but I won't. :) 
Cute little animals grow up to become big animals and
they will need more space than a laundry basket or a bathtub.
OK...moving on with the story.
It is one of those things, we get home one Saturday morning from
running errands and there is a child's pool with 2 ducks in our front yard.
Who knows what my neighbors think go on over here!?!
Let alone my husband...he has the patience of Job.
This lady had the ducks in a desert landscapes outside of town and
she thought they would raise them and they would fly away.
The problem is these ducks don't fly...
I felt so bad for the animals, I had to take them in.
our rescued runner ducks
So now we have two female laying ducks and they are actually
really cute and add to the backyard antics here at the Boho Farm.
Now we are considering getting two more female laying ducks, Welsh Harlequin is the breed
and our almost 16 year old daughter will raise them.
Cat has always been a lover of harlequin ducks.
Duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs and perfect for pastries.
I'll keep you posted on all the duck egg baking.
Coming soon...the finished kitchen post!


  1. Dearest Caroline,

    My Mom used lots of duck eggs for baking when I was a child. We did have ducks as pets. Our baker baked rich cakes with them. Wishing you good luck!

  2. Evidently that person knew nothing about ducks. So glad you took them in. Love Indian Runners, they run around like a bunch of bowling pins velcro'd together.

    1. Ha ha Tombstomb Livestock...that is what I was thinking too. :)

  3. I do not know anything about ducks except that I think they are adorably cute and your new friends fit that description perfectly. Connie :)

  4. Our local feed mill won't even sell chicks and ducks the week of Easter to avoid this problem. But we saw dyed chicks at the farmers market last year. WTH???

    1. I would love if our feed stores wouldn't sell chicks and ducks for Easter! Ugh...I don't understand the dyed chicks?!...they are animals not toys. WTH is right! :)

  5. I love ducks, though they can be "messy"....but the idea of having them again (we were part of a 4-H club) and chickens....hummm

  6. I'm always begging people not to get their children pets on Easter. Just because we live in the country doesn't mean they're easier to keep and bunnies, no bunnies. OK, I'm done. I think your ducks are cute and I can't wait to read what recipe you'll use them. We're able to buy duck eggs at our local grocer too.


    1. Oh my goodness Debra...I forgot about the bunnies too. Thank you for reminding me. I've added them to my rant. :)

  7. We've not had pet ducks since I was a little girl! These look so sweet. I have never cooked with duck eggs, but I think I might like to try. Maybe Whole Foods carries them.

  8. I fight this fight every year at my store. We will not sell ducklings until two weeks after Easter. We do have chicks beginning in mid March but we always ask questions before selling them. If someone tells us they want the chicks for Easter for the kid/grandkids, we usually talk them out of it unless they live on a farm or hobby farm. The looks I get when I tell grandma that she can't buy chicks from us to put in the Easter basket! I just don't get it. I have actually had people tell me they plan to let them go "next week". Ugn!

  9. Aw. Rescue ducks?
    Will you be keeping them for always? Yes, duck eggs...wonderful. I am wondering if maybe we can be getting some ducks...but we'll be needing a watering hole! We're NOT an urban we could do this.
    Yes, and Amen to 'don't get Easter chicks or ducks' ...It was around that time that we acquired our 13 Nuggets. Who will hopefully be going in the freezer THIS weekend.
    The Whizbang chicken plucker has gotten the final touches and it spins like crazy!
    So...we may be plucking chickens and filling the freezer up! yay!
    The Honey has promised he will not walk into Tractor Supply EVER AGAIN and say 'Ooo! lets get some chicks for the grand kids!'
    Nope. Forbidden. ---Pat

  10. Those are two lucky ducks! Sad that people are so irresponsible but that's why God made people like us who will take the castoffs in! I'm linking this up to my blog fest if you don't mind...lovely story!

  11. My daughter had one of these female runner ducks and she had such a problem with the larger male ducks of a different breed being extra mean to it. I do not remember if she gave the mean male ducks away or had to part with the sweet runner duck that was one of the grandsons favorite. Great having people like you that can help out when things just do not work out for others.

  12. Oh my goodness my babies! They are so cute. (: Love the ducks.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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