Friday, September 7, 2012

What?! It's September...

and the summer is over...
Wow, that went fast!
Now that we are back in town and the kids are in school,
I'll give you the readers digest version of what I did on my
summer vacation since I was M.I.A.
I'll do it through my Instagram photos and give you a snapshot of
July and August.

We zig-zagged from Phoenix to Detroit, to Canada, to coast of Western Michigan,
home for five days of which I was sick, then drove to California to spend a week
at Mission Beach. Whoa...for this farm girl who likes to stay home that was a
lot going on but we made lots of memories!
We went blueberry picking in Grand Haven, Michigan and made blueberry jam and muffins. 
Then the next morning blueberry pancakes...we brought a case of jam home to Phoenix
and have been enjoying it and our "taste of summer" in a jar.
Going back to the Midwest is a junkinpoloosa...
an abundance of the rusty farm treasures that I love.
I found an old toast caddy, along with other treats that I have been looking for ages.
Since arriving home we've been cleaning and organizing before the fall weather
 arrives in the valley of the sun.
This is our time of spring cleaning!

Can you believe I found these antique olive colanders in Michigan?!
 Canadian pride..
 found the mecca of all things canning
at Meijer's in Holland, Michigan
We stay in the same house every year at Mission is like home to us and the
kids just love it. We go to the Ocean Beach Farmers Market and eat really fresh seafood,
sit on the beach, swim and read.
My summer reading was Flannery O'Conner's short stories ...
Love her and her keen ability to descriptively nail human nature.

Since we have been home we finally tiled our kitchen back splash, finish the kitchen island
and painted the back wall green like our breakfast nook...
I need color, this girl can only handle so much white--I'll post more,
our little man Boo turned five and we have taken in two female rescue ducks--
Yes-It is a three ring circus around here!
It was good to have a break and now we are ready to take on the fall.
We have a bunch in store for the Boho Farm...
  Fall planting,
hardscaping the front yard- so we will be able to plant there too,
 expanding the chicken coop
getting my studio in order!
What projects do you have on your list for fall?


  1. So glad we get to see you at church now! I've been reading your blog for some time, and it's a treasure. Kaarin Puhala

    1. Thank you Kaarin...that is so sweet...a treasure. :) Thanks for the encouragement, hope to see you more and more!

  2. what a fun post to read. one of my favorite things? families who love one another! have a great weekend!

  3. Awesome summer! Wow!
    We are in the process of building a chicken coop - I can hardly believe this is happening...
    Would love to pick your brain sometime - there's a lot of info our there! I am also so excited to plan my fall garden - letting the ground "rest" this summer has gotten really old and I'm looking forward to seeing stuff GROW.

    Happy Fall...

    1. Would love to help Heather! We can get together and have some coffee and you can ask away. Happy Fall to you too...after that rain I am doing the happy dance. xoxo

  4. looks like you had a fabulous summer. we used to live in western michigan, near holland. a perfect vacation destination.
    might i add, your kitchen is a stunner. love, love, love the green.


  5. Looks like a summer to remember! Hope your fall is just as great for all of you. As for me - on my fall calendar is surviving (and hopefully thriving) in my first year of teaching, getting through the commissioned sewing that I have here, getting settled here in the rental mobile home, working the second job, and hopefully maintaining some semblance of sanity through it all. =)

  6. Dearest Caroline,

    Lovely Instagram story. That is super as you have things dated and you will know where you were. Funny indeed to find the olive colanders in Michigan! Your family looks happy and now you're ready for the fall.
    Hugs to you,

  7. I LOVE Michigan! What a fun time. And yes I can believe you found those colanders. It is a junkin' Grand Haven! Our fall plans are to get moved into our basement and get our house ready to sell. WORK WORK WORK! It'll be worth it. Who takes care of your yard and chickens and such when you are gone? I'ev always wondered about that if I were to get animals of any kind. The dogs are enough to find someone to watch.

    Cindy Bee

    1. Hi Cindy! It is always hard to get away, that is why we don't do this often, but this summer we let all out beds rest and we have a good friend who is an excellent, dog, cat and chicken sitter. She also watered all the plants in our zone 1 and stayed at the house too. She's a treasure! :)

  8. PS - It was good to hear from you btw!

  9. :D I have had so many friends (blog friends included) who visited Michigan this summer! :D LOVE the green in your kitchen and the light fixture. AH-dorable!

    Flannery O'Connor is my very favorite Southern writer. Caroline, you can be Temple One and I will be Temple Two! ;P

    Ricki Jill

  10. Darn, wish I knew you were in the Detroit area....I'm a fan of your blog and you have inspired me. I have my own little farm and live in a historical home on and island in the detroit river. Gald you enjoyed our state! And glad your back missed your posts!
    Blackmore Farm
    Check out my Facebook page Blackmore Farm

    1. Wow Caroline looks like you had a great and busy summer. Always spend time with your family when you have the chance because before you know it the kids will be grown. Congratulations on your two new additions the ducks are cute. As for us and fall projects we'e busy putting gardens to sleep for the winter and stacking wood. I can't wait fo winter just so I can get a little bit of a rest.

      Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. I guess after you garden burned up last year, your plan to let the garden rest during the hot summer month was "a go" and you didn't have to stay home and tend the garden. So, you traveled instead. Sounds fun and exciting?
    Do you have a faithful friend or neighbor that tended to your 'girls' while you were on the road?
    I can't believe it's been a year already and your Boo turned five already! I remember last years Fireman themed party you hosted in honor of his birthday! (although, I can hardly remember what I ate yesterday..ehem.)
    ...glad to catch up with you,thanks for stopping by Corn recently! Pat

  12. I'm trying to take it quite easy this autumn and enjoy having a little baby! I always get busy far too soon after having babies....but not this time, oh no! I'm going to enjoy every coo and gurgle!


  13. I just looked at your cottage tour...your home is gorgeous! I love the rustic mixed with the refined.
    Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

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