Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Salvage Is One!!

Has it only been a year since Sweet Salvage came to town and made our city a better place?
I was there the day it opened and have been back every month since,
as guest artist and as a shopper. 

This group of talented ladies (and Robert too) have brought to Phoenix
something unique, something that didn't exist before and their creativity
and excellence at their craft has enriched our community on SO many levels.
I am privileged to know, love and work with this Sweet Gang.
Here is to many more years of bringing beautiful "junk" to Phoenix.
You guys just keep getting better and better!
You inspire me and many other to create and make things
beautiful everyday.

Here are some Sweet Salvage treats I have found throughout the year:
This great galvanized tray

 Lots of stuff from this picture came from Sweet Salvage...
And of course, my all time favorite Sweet Salvage find,
my Downton Abbey table in the kitchen.  It is FABULOUSLY
 helpful for making jam.  And it cost around $200. 
Lots of beautiful old books...especially French ones
 these vintage French flashcards
 they have the best old farm paintings, here is one of my favorites,
and little occasion tables and beautiful tool boxes
and cute little stools...actually...
I've gotten multiple perfectly distressed stools.
and lighting...

lots and lots of is one of my favorite spots to find the
"perfect" chandelier for my clients.

And last but certaining not least, the piece I have been searching
for years to find....
an old screen door for my laundry room-

read more about it here!

 It's worth a trip! 
They're open all this weekend from 10am-6pm.
See you there and
Happy Birthday Sweet!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday and Bon Appétit!

I love Julia Child on many levels and it is not just her food. 
She is an inspiration to all women that it is possible to change the course of your life
and try something new and to this 40 something women that is SO encouraging!

Julia was a women who was not afraid to take risks, start something new,
did not care what conventional people said but just did it,
followed a dream and it was later in life.
She's been coming into my home since childhood, but it is only as I
have gotten older, my love, admiration and appreciation of her has grown.
As a wife and a mother there many times I have to chose the good of the
whole, and those choices are made out of love for others
and made out of strength and not a weakness
 BUT there will come a day when I am not needed every moment by a little
four year old wanting to know what scorpions looks like or by an
almost 16 year old wondering if her Henry V book has arrived yet.
 I still have time to go to cooking school, brush up on French, learn Ancient Greek,
become a certified master gardener, write a book...what ever the passion...if you are still alive,
there is still keep growing, learning, exploring and experiencing this beautiful world.
Happy 100th Birthday to you, Julia and thank you for your inspirational life.
You made this world a better place and for that I am so grateful!


"Bon Appétit!"

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