Thursday, September 20, 2012

This week...

 Has Been Jam Packed full of fun!
We are featured as the farm of the week at
We are so honored and grateful to be part of the Farmmade team.
I want to share the tour they compiled of our farm this week...
It's the third Thursday of the month and you know what that means...
that's right...Sweet Salvage.
And they are stocked up on BOHO Farm jam and jellies again this month,
so stop by this weekend and pick up some jam and vintage treasures
Our French Cuckoo Maran pullet "Mary"
named not after the mother of Jesus but after the Jane Austen
character from Pride and Prejudice.  Started crowing and at first it wasn't so
strong but this week Mr. Darcy, as we now call him, crows with gusto
and it breaks our hearts that we must give him away.  We are
legally not allowed to have rooster in the city.  We are so sad...
he is such a sweet boy but this is life on a urban farm.
There is lots of work that needs to be done for fall planting but
instead of doing that or making the jams that need to be made.
I get distracted and do little, more manageable projects like put this
paper in the back of the freestanding cabinet in our kitchen.

What have you been up to this week?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh My...

That is right...we have two female Indian Runner ducks.
No, we did not go out and get them, they came to us.
I guess we have an open door...
 They are just a part of a long line of Boho Farm's Easter rescue
chicks and now ducks.
Please don't get chicks and ducks for Easter...or bunnies either!
I am a chicken keeper and I don't get chicks at Easter.
I could go on with a think through getting an animals rant but I won't. :) 
Cute little animals grow up to become big animals and
they will need more space than a laundry basket or a bathtub.
OK...moving on with the story.
It is one of those things, we get home one Saturday morning from
running errands and there is a child's pool with 2 ducks in our front yard.
Who knows what my neighbors think go on over here!?!
Let alone my husband...he has the patience of Job.
This lady had the ducks in a desert landscapes outside of town and
she thought they would raise them and they would fly away.
The problem is these ducks don't fly...
I felt so bad for the animals, I had to take them in.
our rescued runner ducks
So now we have two female laying ducks and they are actually
really cute and add to the backyard antics here at the Boho Farm.
Now we are considering getting two more female laying ducks, Welsh Harlequin is the breed
and our almost 16 year old daughter will raise them.
Cat has always been a lover of harlequin ducks.
Duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs and perfect for pastries.
I'll keep you posted on all the duck egg baking.
Coming soon...the finished kitchen post!

Friday, September 7, 2012

What?! It's September...

and the summer is over...
Wow, that went fast!
Now that we are back in town and the kids are in school,
I'll give you the readers digest version of what I did on my
summer vacation since I was M.I.A.
I'll do it through my Instagram photos and give you a snapshot of
July and August.

We zig-zagged from Phoenix to Detroit, to Canada, to coast of Western Michigan,
home for five days of which I was sick, then drove to California to spend a week
at Mission Beach. Whoa...for this farm girl who likes to stay home that was a
lot going on but we made lots of memories!
We went blueberry picking in Grand Haven, Michigan and made blueberry jam and muffins. 
Then the next morning blueberry pancakes...we brought a case of jam home to Phoenix
and have been enjoying it and our "taste of summer" in a jar.
Going back to the Midwest is a junkinpoloosa...
an abundance of the rusty farm treasures that I love.
I found an old toast caddy, along with other treats that I have been looking for ages.
Since arriving home we've been cleaning and organizing before the fall weather
 arrives in the valley of the sun.
This is our time of spring cleaning!

Can you believe I found these antique olive colanders in Michigan?!
 Canadian pride..
 found the mecca of all things canning
at Meijer's in Holland, Michigan
We stay in the same house every year at Mission is like home to us and the
kids just love it. We go to the Ocean Beach Farmers Market and eat really fresh seafood,
sit on the beach, swim and read.
My summer reading was Flannery O'Conner's short stories ...
Love her and her keen ability to descriptively nail human nature.

Since we have been home we finally tiled our kitchen back splash, finish the kitchen island
and painted the back wall green like our breakfast nook...
I need color, this girl can only handle so much white--I'll post more,
our little man Boo turned five and we have taken in two female rescue ducks--
Yes-It is a three ring circus around here!
It was good to have a break and now we are ready to take on the fall.
We have a bunch in store for the Boho Farm...
  Fall planting,
hardscaping the front yard- so we will be able to plant there too,
 expanding the chicken coop
getting my studio in order!
What projects do you have on your list for fall?

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