Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Annual Dinner at the Coop

Our fall season on the farm has been full and things are moving fast
and unfortunately I have not been a very good blogger because of it!
I'll post more of what is going on here later...
But wanted to share some pictures from our annual farm to table dinner
 that occured this past Sunday night.
There was a cold front that moved in so we were not able to have it outside
as usually, so we moved all the furniture out of our sun room
set up tables and made a roaring fire and had a magical night!
first course:
Our Boho Farm handmade chevre, with our our spicy apple chutney
 (which is available through the fall season every Saturday at the Singh Farm Farmers Market)
 topped with a shredded apple maple pork, pomegranate molasses and our
own fresh pomegranate seeds.

Second course:
Warm poached egg salad with our own happy eggs, arugula, watercress. 
Served with local apple smoked bacon and a Dijon vinaigrette.
It was so yummy...if I can say so myself. ;)

Third course:
Chicken foot consomme.
This was made with our own chicken feet.  Twice a year we process meat birds and
when we do, not a part of the chicken is wasted.
See how rich this broth is?  It is only made with chicken feet, carrots, onions and celery.
The feet are full of flavor and make a wonderful stock!

Forth course:
Local grass fed organic flank steak with caramelized shallots,
celery remoulade and my husband's famous pomme frites.
He still wants to have a pomme frites food truck. :)

Fifth course:
My own award winning Oaxacan Chocolate Pear Tart topped with
our homemade cardamon vanilla ice cream. 
This is the recipe I came up with for the Compass Room
(the restaurant downtown Phoenix that is on the 32nd floor that revolves)
 last January and it was featured on their menu for the month of

Served with a lime leaf tisane.

the room was filled with mason jars of our antique old fashioned fragrant roses.

It was a warm and cozy memorable night...
With much abundance from our land to be thankful for!

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