Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just a Peek...

Into my world these days...When we left the farm for nearly a month this summer,
I knew when we came back there was going to be some work to do. 
What I did not know was how much time and energy this work
would take but now that we are getting closer to the finish line
I am starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor,
along with seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

I'll just give you a glimpse into part of what is happening on the farm.
Our front yard!

We have moved into the front...
In our continued desire for sustainability and our need to provide
fruit for our growing jam production.
 I designed our edible landscape to look like any other traditional front yard,
just using edible trees and plants in a non traditional manner.
I also wanted to use some salvage pieces that I have collected through the years.
our front entry and gate
(found at Sweet Salvage, of course)

After putting in our hard scape, we now have 18 fruit trees out front,
including plums, peaches, apricots, and apple.
And next month when the bare root fruit trees come in, we will plant at least 8 more
as a fruit tree hedge.
 Plenty of roses, (food for the soul and for our rose petal jelly),
herbs, artichokes, cabbages, lettuces, blackberries were planted.
our new farm entrance for events and tours.
(and yes, this gate is from Sweet Salvage too)
We've almost completed the front yard, just a few more details to finish up,
and our new and improved chicken coop is almost done too. 
I'll give you a tour of both when we are done.
Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the season!
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