Friday, May 17, 2013

Dinner at the Coop-Spring 2013

Dinner at the Coop this spring was an extra special treat,
full of farm to table goodness!
We started out with a freshly picked mint tisane.
Served with our fresh homemade goat cheese and topped
with our own herb jelly.

We were having a bit of a heat wave, so we moved the dinner into
the back lawn where it is cooler, which ended up being a piece of wonderful providence.
The first course was fresh picked steamed artichokes served with garlic aioli and a chipotle hollandaise.
The second course was a fennel, citrus with avocado salad.
The fennel came straight out of our raised beds, citrus is at the
end of it's season, so we combined all the different types we had left: 
Blood orange, navels and a grapefruit.
The combination of citrus gave a fabulous depth to the salad.

The third course was a pasta carbonara made from Hayden Flour Mill's,
 locally grown heirloom Italian wheat flour and served up with our
fresh pasture raised organic eggs. It was delish...freshness is essential;
that makes all the difference.

Our fourth course was organic pasture raised roast chicken with root vegetables, 
we not only raise the chicken organically but processed them too and the root veggies were
more BOHO home raised goodness.

The fifth and final course was a lemon olive oil cake topped
with our own homemade lemon brown sugar marmalade
and served with our own vanilla bean ice cream made
with eggs yolks from our happy hens.

Friends were made and our community grew.

people were inspired to grow their own food,

and that is why we do inspire others that it can be done!
Food brings people together in a special way that nothing else can.
It builds our community and cements friendships together.

There was a lot of love in the kitchen.

My hubby/chef and sous chef Sloan both work in the financial industry by day
but by night they are creative cooks who love to feed people good food!


The lighting we install this fall made everything
glow a magical glow.

A delightful evening was had by all!
Wishing you a weekend full of family, friends and of course,
delicious food.
Bon App├ętit!
Again... a big Thank you to Karen Scheffe of Elan Photographie
for these amazing photographs!


  1. Fabulous, Caroline!

    What you're doing is so inspiring!


    1. Oh thank you Deanna for your encouragement! It is a blessing to me!! xo

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic evening, wish you had posted some pictures of dishes served too.

  3. Oh my gosh... I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this all is! And with such fabulous food as well. It truly looks like something out of a cookbook or magazine. Your dinner guests were some lucky folks that's for sure!


  4. My goodness! Can I come over???This looks amazing. I would love to have a farm dinner before the mosquitoes arrive!

  5. Hello Carolyne!
    It's been awhile since I stopped by to say hello, but I just love this post and so enjoyed your Backyard Farm to Table event!
    You are so inspiring... I'm hosting my first garden tour this summer and hope to inspire more people to grow an abundance of seasonal cut flowers to have on hand and to share all season long! Keep up the good work!
    xo Deb

  6. Oh Caroline, what a beautiful evening you prepared for your guests! How I wish I was there! I love the pictures your photographer was able to capture! Yes, magical in every way! Bravo! Hugs, Maryjane

  7. What a beautiful evening of friends and good food! Your backyard looks even better with the lighting and best of all ...the people. I loved getting to visit your garden on the Edible Arcadia Garden Tour. You are an inspiration and I'm beginning to do some container gardening at my condo.


  8. Caroline the photos are amazing, I love your webpage and follow your blogs regularly....your home looks wishes and hope you continue doing great things.

  9. What a wonderful evening of fun times with friends. I love your lighting and your back yard and the fact that you are teaching people in such a way that they are having fun learning. Your pictures are gorgeous. You should write a book...raising organic chickens, growing food, making jams, etc. I'm sure it'd be a best seller!

    Cindy Bee

  10. What a lovely setting, Caroline! I want to visit the Coop! :)

  11. what a fabulous yummy dinner! your house and yard look lovely as always. You really need to write a cookbook...
    maggie still does "timber" at home, something your david showed her on our visit...too funny!

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