Monday, September 9, 2013

Gardening for the Birds

My son and I have been on a new adventure...Bird watching!
It is so fun how each child is so different in what they enjoy.

Our little man is bird lover and a chicken whisperer.
daily he is out there collecting eggs and holding the chickens.
I really can't believe that the girls don't even run from him
but they just sit and let him pick them up...
I think the feelings are mutual! 
This summer he made his own birdhouse, which much to my chagrin
ended up attached to a window on the FRONT of the house.?!
(This is part of the fallout from leaving the boys home alone
for a week...they build all kinds of interesting things.
They both think it is great and I am letting it stay
even though everything in me wants to take it down. :))
We've been walking around our yard with new eyes looking for
fresh ways we can invite more birds and bees to come and live with us.

  Using this wonderful book to help us to create
a bird lovers paradise.

I highly recommend it!
 It also has a detailed guide to birds from every region in North America-
which is a great!
So now we've placed out food, water, plants
and shelters inviting the birds to come.
Now we are just waiting for the weather to cool down
to below 100 degrees,
so we can be outside to watch them...
The reality of life in the desert.
But until then, we'll have to be content with indoor bird watching!
If you'd like to follow along with what goes
 on here at the farm between blog posts,
 Instagram or FB is the best place to find me.
Instagram is my favorite! :)


  1. Oh don't move it....such a precious will love that memory years from me!

  2. We have always planted for the bees and birds and like your son I love bird watching! He's to cute!


  3. He looks so sweet in the window. We have been baking here too. Finally cooler today.

  4. I love bird watching. That is so cute that your "girls" like your little man! I understand about the heat - we're still reaching 100 in Dallas. Yuck.

  5. I love this! I love how different each of our children are and how special that is! So cute about him and the chickens!


  6. I suspect a Hobbit in the shire would welcome a birds to her front window!

  7. Oh my goodness I LOVE that last pic of lil man!! Like it could be your Christmas card...just sayin'!!!

  8. I miss Scottsdale, heat and all....just checking in!

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