Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello and Vive La France!

It was a busy spring season on the farm this year and even though our 
trees are still filled with peaches, plums and figs, our little farm is closed till late October.

Our "off season" is a time of relaxing, feasting, spending time with our family and reading lots of books.
You'll hear more from me in the summer...I actually have time to think!

Having been greatly influenced by France, 
we love joining in on the celebration of Bastille Day

We like to have cocktails with a simple snack then later in the evening, go to a 
local French restaurants for a multi-course dinner full of classic dishes...
think frog legs, foie gras, onion soup, escargot, coq au vin, tarte tatin, profiteroles.
Good thing it's only once a year. ;)

For our La Fete Nationale happy hour we make kir royales, 
which is just champagne with the addition of a simple syrup.
 I typically use our Boho rose or lavender syrup 
but this year because we have tons of cherries, 
I made a simple black cherry syrup...c'est magnifique!

I love a simple cheese plate with just fresh picked fruit, some yummy local bread,
cured meat, local raw honey and of course, some Boho jam.

Because Bastille Day falls on a Monday this year (July 14),
most of our local French restaurants are closed,
 but Christopher Gross's--Christopher's Crush is open.
They are actually having Bastille Week with a prix fixe menu till Saturday!
Ooh la la...

Vive La France!

Thank you to our good friend and fellow Francophile,
for taking these beautiful images!


  1. The photos are beautiful, and the food looks delicious!

  2. I don't know much about French food or living, but your photos are stunning - magazine worthy - and make me want to indulge.

  3. This all looks wonderful to me!

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