Tuesday, March 24, 2015


If I had to pick a word for 2015,

Lots of upcoming changes are on the horizon for our little farm and family!

As you know that our eldest daughter is graduating from high school this spring
 and is going far off to college in the fall. ..sniff.
The reality that our family is no longer a growing family has been a hard corner for me to turn.
But there is a season for everything...I as a farmer know this intrinsically...
Still some changes are easier than others.
But some day it will grow again and there will be a husband and
grand kids, Lord willing. :)

But this reality has lead to many conversations with David as to what does the next phase of life look like for us. Simplifying has been the theme of these conversations. Smaller house? What would we want to be doing in five years if we had the freedom--maybe teach?  What do we feel called to do? What ways can we help our city flourish? How can we live simpler lives to love and serve others in our community? So all this has lead us to:

We are moving our farm and family downtown!
And we mean DOWNTOWN...between the 7's and  south of Mc Dowell.
We are probably the last single family home on the way to the city center.
This is our view!

There is a lot in the works and I can't share all the details now,
but I just wanted to let you know that yes, we are moving.

A door has been opened for us and we are trusting
and walking through it.

We will do the same things we have done in Arcadia and more.

I'll be sharing this journey we are on, right here on this blog.

We are excited for this oppurtunity!

The best IS yet to come!

PS. Yes, we will be selling our farm in Arcadia but I just know some nice family will love it as much as we have all these years and it will bring them as much joy and happiness as it's brought us! :)
I'll be post more detail about the sale of the farm.


  1. Congratulations Caroline! I have loved your sweet farm but looking forward to learning and seeing your new endeavors and adventures! Happy for ya'll! Hugs, Maryjane xox

    1. Aw...thank you Maryjane! We are going on an adventure--for sure!

  2. Hi Caroline......I'm a Phoenix native and look forward to your new spot downtown. When I was a girl our downtown was such a bustling area....looks like it is going to be that way again.

    good for you


    1. Thanks Jo! I so want downtown Phoenix to be bustling and flourishing again. It's come a long way but there is still more to do!

  3. Going to miss seeing you guys in the neighborhood! We love Boho Farm and Home. Looking forward to hearing the details of your adventure and the sale! xo, Nikki

    1. We are so going to miss you guys, Nikki! It would be easier to leave if we didn't love our neighborhood so much! xo

  4. Oh gosh, we're many years ahead of you, life is a continuos journey. We're grateful for where we are today but we sure miss the old days. It will be fun to see your new adventure. Many of us are looking to head back to the city. It's quite thrilling isn't it?

    1. Sure is Kathleen! I love that people are moving back into the cities. The city needs all kinds of people and diversity in it!

  5. Wow. Big news. Best wishes and I will follow along.

    1. Yep...We are on an adventure Elaine! I'll keep you post! :)

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