Monday, December 4, 2017

An update from the Boho Farm Kitchen

So it's already December 2017.  Where has time gone?  It's flown by.

The inertia of life and this home restoration has consumed us,
and I haven't been able to share all that I'd like to here on our blog.
(I'm much better at Instagram, so if you want to hear from us more often, follow us along there.)

But the good news is we are done!

 We were on the Historic Roosevelt Home Tour last month, and there's nothing like
having thousands of people parading through your home, 
to motivate you to get all those little things done! 
And once they're done--boy, does it feel great!

So now we are looking towards the future and dreaming of what's next.

As we plan for next year, and how we want to grow deeper roots in Downtown Phoenix,
we will be sharing more on the blog, and we are going to even update it--crazy, I know!

So until then, I want to share with you a piece of our heart, our kitchen.
This is where the magic happens--where we love others through food!

We removed the plaster on the back wall of the kitchen to expose the original 1903 brick.
We love the warmth and character it adds. 
All the trim, doors, windows and plaster walls on the exterior are original, 
they leak like sieves but we love them!
The floors are hand-oiled solid tongue and groove white oak.
They creak, and are uneven in many spots, but I love that too.
This home had a life before us and it will have a life after us. 
We are just its stewards for now and we have tried to make our decisions accordingly.

 This 8 foot by 5 foot marble topped island is the hub of our kitchen, and we love its functionality. 
We have different designated spaces in our kitchen, the island, 
the prep area to the left of the range, the coffee bar to the right, 
and on the other wall we have an entertainment hub, 
that area houses our plates, cups, glasses, bowls, silverware and platters, 
so others can grab those items and not be in our kitchen work triangle. 
It's worked out really well!

As always...I loooove all the littles. ;)

We've had a few different tables in our kitchen, but this one has been here the longest. 
Not too big, not too small, it's just right!

We went back and forth about whether to get a white Shaw sink or a stainless apron 
front sink like we had at our old house, and we decided to
bite the bullet, and go with the Shaw. Not sure I would do it again with the way we cook,
it was chipped within the first 6 months and now it has all kinds of cracks and crazing.
You live and learn!

I would definitely do polished marble again. 
Of course, it gets stained, etched and scratched,
but I love it so much it doesn't matter! It's even better than honed marble, 
which we had in our old kitchen.

I am so grateful for my talented friends that share their gifts with me!

I'm especially thankful for Diana Elizabeth Steffen, my long time friend and 
photographer extraordinaire. For always encouraging me and documenting for me
our home, our family, our life. 

I am overwhelmingly grateful for her abundant generosity to me!


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