Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Reflections on the Spring Jam Making Class

It's been said that "many hands make light work".
Well, this is exactly what could be said about our spring jam making class.

Once everyone put their aprons on, they went out and foraged peaches
from our mini peach orchard.

Doesn't get more farm to table than these beauties!

Started with a short overview of my favorite canning supplies and books.

Sharing my best tips and a few canning secrets.

And then we were off! I believe the best way to learn is to just do it.
So that is exactly what we did.
A community table, full of diverse women, doing what we have done for years--
working together with many hands to process the harvest.
There is something deeply beautiful about this process.
Something that connects us to the land and our history as women.

talking, working, sharing, learning

in community. 

by step

by beautiful step.

Until we were done.

Loved being able to share my passion and knowledge for preserving food. 
Look for more classes this 2018/2019 season. 
If you have an idea for a class you'd like me to teach, message me,
I'd love to hear them.

Thank you, to the ever talented Stephanie of 
for documenting such a wonderful class. 💚


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Boho Farm Spring Events

The calendar is out for 
Spring Boho Farm Events!  

With five different, and unique opportunities to come and join us,
 as we love people through food.

Family Friendly Pizza Nights

With music,

friends and scenic city views.

BOHO Farm to Table Dinners
Tapas y Paella Night 
and our Annual Spring Harvest Dinner

Back by popular demand.

The Jam Making Class

For more information and dates check out the Boho Farm events page.

Thank you for supporting and sharing with us, the love of growing and eating your own!

Monday, December 4, 2017

An update from the Boho Farm Kitchen

So it's already December 2017.  Where has time gone?  It's flown by.

The inertia of life and this home restoration has consumed us,
and I haven't been able to share all that I'd like to here on our blog.
(I'm much better at Instagram, so if you want to hear from us more often, follow us along there.)

But the good news is we are done!

 We were on the Historic Roosevelt Home Tour last month, and there's nothing like
having thousands of people parading through your home, 
to motivate you to get all those little things done! 
And once they're done--boy, does it feel great!

So now we are looking towards the future and dreaming of what's next.

As we plan for next year, and how we want to grow deeper roots in Downtown Phoenix,
we will be sharing more on the blog, and we are going to even update it--crazy, I know!

So until then, I want to share with you a piece of our heart, our kitchen.
This is where the magic happens--where we love others through food!

We removed the plaster on the back wall of the kitchen to expose the original 1903 brick.
We love the warmth and character it adds. 
All the trim, doors, windows and plaster walls on the exterior are original, 
they leak like sieves but we love them!
The floors are hand-oiled solid tongue and groove white oak.
They creak, and are uneven in many spots, but I love that too.
This home had a life before us and it will have a life after us. 
We are just its stewards for now and we have tried to make our decisions accordingly.

 This 8 foot by 5 foot marble topped island is the hub of our kitchen, and we love its functionality. 
We have different designated spaces in our kitchen, the island, 
the prep area to the left of the range, the coffee bar to the right, 
and on the other wall we have an entertainment hub, 
that area houses our plates, cups, glasses, bowls, silverware and platters, 
so others can grab those items and not be in our kitchen work triangle. 
It's worked out really well!

As always...I loooove all the littles. ;)

We've had a few different tables in our kitchen, but this one has been here the longest. 
Not too big, not too small, it's just right!

We went back and forth about whether to get a white Shaw sink or a stainless apron 
front sink like we had at our old house, and we decided to
bite the bullet, and go with the Shaw. Not sure I would do it again with the way we cook,
it was chipped within the first 6 months and now it has all kinds of cracks and crazing.
You live and learn!

I would definitely do polished marble again. 
Of course, it gets stained, etched and scratched,
but I love it so much it doesn't matter! It's even better than honed marble, 
which we had in our old kitchen.

I am so grateful for my talented friends that share their gifts with me!

I'm especially thankful for Diana Elizabeth Steffen, my long time friend and 
photographer extraordinaire. For always encouraging me and documenting for me
our home, our family, our life. 

I am overwhelmingly grateful for her abundant generosity to me!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fall Tapas y Paella Night Photos + Announcing Spring dinner on May 6th

We had such a wonderful 8 course Tapas y Paella night in November, 
even with the wind and pouring rain!
We are so thankful for our community coming around us and helping us to not only purchase a pizza oven but to have our mason make it a true work of art. We will post more pictures about
our new oven and the christening party we had to break it in. We are also going to 
have another pizza night before the weather gets too warm, so if you missed the first
one another one is coming.

We want to share some pictures and gratitude for our amazing farm friends.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart!


wine and cheese around the fire

melon, manchego and jamon Serrano with a balsamic reduction

It was cold but the heaters made it cozy 
  Such a beautiful group of people
We didn't want the night to end...

Did you miss it? No worries.

We are excited to announce a date for our next farm to table dinner....

May 6 at 6:30pm

La Cocina de mi Mama

David has wanted to do a multi-course meal that reflects the
flavors of his mother's home state of Oaxaca, for a really long time.
We finally are ready to share something that is near and dear to our hearts-
flavors of his mother's kitchen.

Get tickets here

Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Annual Fall Dinner at the Coop--Tapas y Paella night

We are happy to announce our first Fall Dinner at the Coop 
at our newly renovated 1903 downtown Phoenix homestead!  
We have missed having these events where we get to see our friends 
and share our love of simple ingredients, locally grown, and made with love.

You are cordially invited to our fall dinner event...

Tapas y Paella Night--
with wine pairing

November 20, 2016
$125 per person
(this donation includes two events-the Tapas Night 
and our Pizza Oven Christening Party at the end January 
as a thank you to all our farm friend)

Limited Tickets available

This year is a little different than in years past.  
We have made a gofundme page for this event and all money raised 
will be going to a wood fired oven
 and because it's a fundraising event, a wine pairing is included. 

Now this doesn't stop you from BYOW, 
the wine pairing will just be in addition to our usual of bring your own bottle.:)

We can't wait to share all that we've been doing for the past year!
You will have plenty of time to explore our new urban farm this night, 
along with our Downtown Dollhouse Airbnb, and enjoy great city views, 
along with good food, wine and friends.

We'd love for you to join us!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Finding Home Again...

Two years ago this month, we started this journey to move downtown,
partnering with a local developer in restoring this long abandoned 1903 beauty,
and making it our home. 
We had no idea of the upheaval of this process!
Yes, I have helped numerous clients through the years make a new house a home, 
but with my own house it was a different story!
 I wasn't aware of how much my home and farm grounded and gave me life.
It was my safe place in a scary world,
an "introvert bubble" of the Shire for my inner hobbit.

Having deep roots in one neighborhood brings such comfort to a family
because you are embedded 
and through that there is much security and community.

But we knew we were suppose to move and with that we had to trust--
ourselves, the process, what we are being led to do.
So we had to keep looking back and remembering
how this had all come about, so we could keep moving forward
when doubt would seep in.

The love it takes to resurrect something dead back to life and flourishing is all encompassing.
We have been in the thick of it for the past few years and weren't able to share--
we were just surviving, struggling to hold on.

But now the dust has finally settled, our construction days are done,
we've gotten through the worst of it and we are thrilled to be downtown,
exploring our neighborhood, walking to everything and 
we are finally able to grow things again. Woot woot!!

This transition has been hard but good.
Changes like these seem to disturb your soil and expose you,
showing you your weaknesses,what's important and what's not,
 and if you're honest with yourself, 
this brokenness can become beauty and your fear becomes courage. 
This is where we are in our journey, our story is still unfolding, 
but we are thankful.

Here's a little peek to what we've done on the outside.
don't worry there'll more updates, including the inside and the gardens,
plus upcoming events and classes.

We are looking forward to doing what we love again!

October 2014

March 2015

May 2015

September 2016

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