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2017 Spring Calendar

May 6 -- Dinner at the Coop-- 6:30pm Saturday-reserve your spot

May 20--BOHO Farm Pizza Party--Part Duex--6:30pm Saturday--reserve your spot


  1. What a lovely afternoon spent in your garden, and what a special treat to renew acquaintances! Thank you for opening your home and farm to enlighten and educate the community, we will definitely use the information we gathered today! Hope you see you again in the near future! God bless!
    ~ Cynthia

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your garden on the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour. You have beautiful gardens! I didn't get to meet you but am wondering about the blackberries you have photographed on your blog. I'd love to grow some in my own North Central Phoenix garden but thought we couldn't in our climate. Any tips for me? How about raspberries? Did you try those too? Thanks so much for your help. Happy Holidays to you!
    - Janis

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